Repressed Records Best Sellers 2014!

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Hey! We waited for the pile of lists to dissipate before submitting our own. It was a great year for independent music here. We sold more than ever and there was widespread excitement for our best sellers too that reached beyond our usual circle. Everything from synth based music to punk, jangly Go-Betweens inspired pop, experimental music, electronic music, garage. We're proud to represent such a vast range of music. As usual, our best sellers were, in the main, Australian.

Thanks to all the bands, distros and labels that gave us such a great range of music to sell and thanks everyone for your support. It's much appreciated. Here are our BEST SELLERS of 2014!

  Best Selling LP's Of 2014

30. Rowland S Howard – Pop Crimes (Liberation / Fat Possum)   Lovely re-issue. Great box set came out too in 2014.

29 Thee oh Sees – Drop (Castleface)  Everyones favourite psych garage fuzz rockers.     LISTEN

28. Nathan Roche – Watch It wharf   He's like the cuddly, lovable Lou Reed with a tan and hawaiian shirt.   LISTEN

27. Bored – Take It Out On You (Desperate) Geelong's finest re-issued     LISTEN

26. Angie – Turning (Easter Bilby) Solo album from Angie of Circle Pit, Ruined Fortune, Straight Arrows.   LISTEN

25. X – Aspirations (Ugly Pop) The best Australian album ever, re-issued.    LISTEN

24. Various - Dunedin Double (Flying Nun) VERY latecoming Record Store Day record that sold anyway cos it ruled.

23. Matthew P Hopkins – Nocturns (Vittelli) Dark soundscapes mixing electronics and field recordings. Great stuff.   LISTEN

22. Ausmuteants – Order Of Operation (Aarght) Mutant, biting garage rock.    LISTEN

21. Watery Love – Decorative Feeding (In The Red) Bitter Stooges riffs that would punch you if they could.  LISTEN


20. Off! – Wasted Years (Vice) Everyones favourite retro punks were back. Members of Circle Jerks, Hot Snakes & Redd Kross.

19. Sacred Product  (Heinous Anus)  Great stuff. Weird, drunken arvo psych with amazing lyrics.  LISTEN

18. Death – For The Whole World To See (Drag City)  Great doco about this band got everyone even more excited about them

17. Gareth Liddiard – Strange Tourist (Self released) Great, claustrophobic acoustic solo set from Drones frontman.  LISTEN

16. Ausmuteants – Amusements (Aarght) Strange, funny, catchy garage rock. Bit like The Fall meets The Monks      LISTEN

15. Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys – Ready for Boredom LP (R.I.P.Society)  Last years best seller kept selling in 2015!

14. Dick Diver – Calendar Days (Chapter)  Another one that kept selling a year on. Great stuff.

13. Stevens – History Of Hygiene (Chapter)  Really underrated, understated album. Great stuff.    LISTEN

12. Straight Arrows – Rising (Rice Is Nice) Sydney fave bratty  garage puks returned!   LISTEN

11. Lower Plenty – Life Thrills (Bedroom Suck) Lovely shambolic pop.    LISTEN

10. X – Spurts (Ugly Pop) Demo session they recorded before recording Aspirations. Essential   

 9. Nun -  S/T (Aarght)  synth goth you can dance to.      LISTEN

 8. EastLink -  S/T (In The Red)  Catchy yet bludgeoning garage rock.    LISTEN

 7. Gutter Gods – Innersense (Cool Death)  Space horror cyber punk!  LISTEN

 6. Blank Realm – Grassed Inn (Bedroom Suck)  Add a bit more sparkle and it works a treat.   LISTEN

 5. Rat Columns – Leaf (R.I.P.Society) Really nice understated dark jangle pop.  LISTEN

 4. Ruined Fortune -  S/T (Hozac)  Dirgey power rock. Feedtime meets Royal Trux.   LISTEN

 3. Total Control - Typical System (Iron Lung) Vinyl got held up and Mikey Young fell back in love with CDs, but worth the wait.



 2. M.O.B (RIP Society) Bringing dark, industrial experimentalism back into vogue.   LISTEN



  1. Low Life - Dogging (RIP Society)  Street punk songs about greyhounds, drugs and soccer sell. Ripper album.   LISTEN




   Best Selling EP's and 7"s Of 2014


10. Drown Under 7" (Special Award)  Jack Mannix of Circle Pit returned in 2014!    LISTEN

 9. Multiple Man 7” (Major Crime) Paranoid synth punk from Brisbane    LISTEN

 8. Ausmuteants – Stale White Boys (Easter Bilby)  Man, they get featured a lot this year hey!   LISTEN

 7. Dribble (Cool Death)  Acoustic street psych punk with sinister vibes. Awesome!   LISTEN

 6. Deep Wound 7”  Old hardcore band of J Mascis and Lou Barlow that lives forever here.

 5. HTRK – Body Lotion (Sleeperhold) Lovely limited edition EP from Begian label!   LISTEN

 4. Twerps – Underlay  (Chapter) New album next week!  Sweet! This was a great little change up EP   LISTEN

 3. Lace Curtain 3rd EP  (Mexican Summer)  Slick electro from members of Total Control. Playing Sydney Festival!  LISTEN  

 2. Dick Diver – New Name Blues  (Fruit And Flowers)  Lovely little single. B side is great too.   LISTEN

 1. Oily Boys - Majesty   They made us an Oily Boys flag for the shop and injected some life into Sydney punk   LISTEN




Best Selling Cassettes Of 2014


 7. Leather Lickers  (Cool death) What a name, can't fail.And got a Spinal Tap "Smell the Glove" reference.  LISTEN

 6. Tim Coster - Ocean Liner (Alberts Basement)   Really nice minimal, droning experimental music.    LISTEN

 5. Power (Cool death) What a ripper!  LISTEN

 4. Orion  (Demo)  Members of Oily Boys, Whores and MOB in moody post punk mode. LISTEN

 3. Velvet Whip - Bronze Medallion  (Cool Death) 2014 was the year of psych hardcore!  LISTEN

 2. Backstabbers  (Hideotic) Members of School Of Radiant Living and Dick Diver.   LISTEN

 1. Snake  (Hideotic) Initially limited to 45 copies! Al from UV Race and Total Control and.. first solo recording on his new label.