Best Sellers of 2017! Weekly Update: Living Eyes, Amyl And The Sniffers, Paul Kelly.

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Here's our best sellers of 2017! As usual, a great variety of music from all over the place which makes our life all the more exciting. Sydney band Orion got everyone pumped earlier in the year and we're glad they finished as our best selling album of the year. Worthy heavyweight champions. Roamin' Catholics was our first ever vinyl release on on the Repressed Records label and we're stoked people liked it. The Feedtime comeback spectacular was well worth the wait. Great album, great shows. The reason we publish this list every year isn’t because we believe that there’s some correlation between album sales and quality of music. It’s because we’re proud of being able to sell so much independent Australian music. The majority of the acts on our list don’t play music for a living or have any type of management. It’s encouraging to see that our best sellers list doesn’t really resemble any other end of 2017 list. Thanks customers, thanks bands, labels and distro's for the top notch music in 2017! Looking forward to what 2018 has to offer. Our new arrivals is continued on the bottom this too, so loads of reading! 
Best Selling LP’s Of 2017
1. Orion - Self Titled (Cool Death)
2. Roamin’ Catholics - Self Titled (Repressed Records)
3. Feedtime - Gas (In The Red)
4. Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys - Rot (RIP Society)
5. Stevens - Good (Chapter Music)
6. King Gizzard - Flying Microtonal Banana (Flightless) 
7. Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile - Whole Lotta Sea Lice (Milk)
8. Terry - Remember (Upset The Rhythm)
9. Sex Tourists - Self Titled (Paradise Daily)
10. Mikey Young - Your Move Vol 1 
11. Red Red Krovvy - Self Titled (Helta Skelta)
12. Straight Jacket Nation - Self Titled (Cool Death)
13. Necks - Unfold (Ideologic Organ)
14. King Gizzard And The Mild High Club - Sketches Of Brunswick East (Flightless) 
15. Mac De Marco - This Old Dog (Captured Tracks) 
16. Alex Cameron - Forced Witness (Secretly Canadian) 
17. Angie - Shyness (Dero Arcade) 
18. Gold Class - Drum (Barely Dressed) 
19. Robber - Self Titled (NGM Records)
20. King Gizzard - Murder Of The Universe (Flightless)
 Best Selling 7”s and 12” EPs:
1. Total Control - Laughing At the System (ALTER)
2. Sex Drive - Self Titled 7” (Sexy Romance)
3. Parsnip - Health 7” (Anti-Fade)
4. Sadist - Beauty Fades 7” (Hardcore Victim)
5. Sleep - The Clarity EP
6. Sleepy D And Albrecht LaBrooy - From 50 EP
7. Drug Sweat 7”
8. Spotting 7”
9. 100% - You Are 100% EP
10. Helta Skelta - Nightclubbin’ 7”
Tapes: Honourable Mentions
Love ‘em or hate ‘em (we personally love them) a lot of the most exciting new music happening locally is on the cassette format. It’s hard for us to truly gauge the popularity and sales of some of these items cause a lot of them are so limited, so we thought we’d mention some releases and labels that excited people in Repressed Records last year.
Cassettes for 2017
Enderie - Tape 1 (Room 40) 
Enderie - Tape 2 (Paradise Daily)
Nun with Enderie - Immersion. (Not on label) 
Alex McFarlane 2017 cassette (Hobbies Galore)
Mikey Young - You Feelin’ Me (Hobbies Galore)
Orion - Live At Lulu’s (Cool Death) 
Skyline - I (Nice Music)
Trevor - Trevor Chest (Paradise Daily)
UV Race - Greatest Hits Vol 1, 2 and 3 (Paradise Daily)
Golden Scalpel (Hidiotic) 
Rapid Dye -  Keep Sydney Ugly (Sexy Romance) 
Oily Boys - Promotional Tape 
10 Tape labels that were staples on our shelves
PLUS! Zines from Gusher, Max Easton, Nicky Minus, Swampland, Nicky Minus, Sam McEwen, Moodwar and loads more independent’s kept everything here spicy!
What have we been listening to?
French punks Rixe are coming out so we’ve been giving their singles collection LP a whirl. Solid, Stiff Little Fingers style raspy punk to punch the air along too. Red Axes are from Tel Aviv, and their four track EP Nyx Tape is a nice mix of catchy synth and post-punk.  Princess Nokia - 1992 Deluxe is back in and back on! Crass - Feeding Of The 5000 came out in 1978, which is pretty wild considering the amount of imagination on here. Do they owe us a living, ‘course they do, ‘course they do! 
Anti-Fade Records have sent us: 
Living Eyes - Modern Living LP  Geelong punk brats return with their 2nd LP. 
Also re-stocked us with more of the excellent Parsnip 7”
Alien Nosejob is Jake from Ausmuteants, School Damage and Drug Sweat. His self released 7” is called  Panel Beat. Get on it!
People are excited by Amyl And The Sniffers, and we should have their debut LP in for the weekend on limited blue vinyl from Homeless Records, who are also sending
Bend Sinister - Tape 2 LP, noise punk guerrillas who later became A FRAMES. Tape2 is a collection of previously unreleased studio recordings and practice space blastings from 1998-99
Paul Kelly’s excellent Gossip Lp has been re-issued on vinyl. We have it in now along with the recently re-issued Post, probably his best album in my opinion. 
LOADS of re-stocking has been going and 2nd hand stuff going out by the day!