Chris's Picks November 2016

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Hey! I've been getting on a bit of a punk binge lately, namely:

Grotto - Manic Evil 7". I read this about the first song Bog: "It's about a creature coming out of your shit and feeding on your mind. You always knew it was there but you passed it off as paranoia and as the reality sets in you become the bog itself' and I thought , YEAH! PLUS it was released on a label called Pissfart Records. This is dark, manic and crazy as hell hardcore from Mebourne. They split up already. THAT'S the kind of volatility I can get behind. 

Been enjoying the debut White Dog LP "Sydney Limits" too. More melodic and catchy than Grotto, but it gets me moving in the mornings. 

Really looking forward to the Omegas latest LP "Power To Exist" coming next week too. Technical but raging punk from Montreal Canada that also manages to be kinda fun unless you're married to me. In next week!

Glen Schenau is from Brisbane and has played in bands like Per Purpose, Sky Needle and Kitchen's Floor. His first solo tape has been put out by Paradise Daily. It sounds somewhere between edgy post-punk like PIL and 80's/90's Sydney indie like Tactics. It sounds great. I saw Tactics supporting Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds once years ago and Dave Studdert told the crowd if they weren't dark enough for them they could "go outside and eat dog shit in the gutter or something". Not much live dialogue stays with you over the years, but that did. I also think Kitchens Floor are the REAL sound of Brisbane, but I only went there once in the 90's. You can just tell sometimes. 

Rangoons - CBT Asylum is such a good little 7" I had no qualms about selling it to a lady who was in a record listening club and had no idea who they were at all. "Tropical post-punk" i said, and she gave me a look I hope said, "Great! I'm not going to listen to Rumours for the millionth time". It's catchy, quirky and fun. RRR (Repressed Recommended to Rollins) . I don't know what CBT means. 

I own four picture discs. A Max Headroom and Art Of Noise 7", A Cramps "You've Got Good Taste" 7", Metallica "Master Of Puppets" LP and now The Cannanes "A Love affair With Nature". Unheralded little gem of an album originally released in 1989 and sounds like something of a time capsule of inner city Sydney at the time. If you love your Vaselines, early Go-Betweens and lo-fi UK pop like Kurt Cobain did, you can't go wrong with this. Re-issued and remastered by Chapter Music, home to modern day heroes like Dick Diver, Twerps and Holy Balm. Definitely not your typical picture disc lp, which is why I kinda love the idea here. I'll have a look for some more picture discs I may own tonight and keep you updated. But for now, this lovely album will do. 

Uniform "Perfect World" is a nasty piece of work from Brooklyn that was put out last year but seems to have sunk like a stone. They feature ex-Men bassist Ben Greenberg and ex-Drunk Driver singer Michael Berdan. Lo-fi industrial hardcore that's bleak as hell but manages to still be pretty catchy. I love it! 

The Geld demo casstte is another hardcore ripper that moves in a fierce, psychedelic, flanging force til your face has melted Features members of Soma Coma, Kromosom and Gentlemen. Totally insane Melbourne band 

Brando's Island are a truly unique Australian band, mixing the cerebral aggression of something like Suicide with Vibraphones and synths and making it work. Honest to God! 

We have a few more of the Rocks "You're So Boring" 12" re-issue. One of the best Australian punk songs ever with punk as hell misspelt cover. Originally released in 1978 and still rules. 


Collector is an electronic artist from Newcastle (Oz). He combines late night, melancholy grit with twisted, gnarly elements. Sounds like Burial working nightshift in Newcastle.