Import Box Coming: Kye Records, Dark Blue, Sunday Painters, Feedtime, Constant Mongrel

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Import box is coming! Should be here Friday by the looks of things. It's a smorgasbord of delights. All available online here soon as we work out shipping, currency conversion etc.


BUT FIRST, Locally:


New Twerps LP "Range Anxiety" should be here next week! Signed to Merge in the USA now, still on Chapter here.  LISTEN


Go-Betweens "G Stands For Go Betweens" Box set should be in any day. We still have a couple that have not been pre-ordered. Keep an eye on our online store and i'll put it up soon as it arrives. It was ordered so long ago i can't remember exactly how much it was, but I think it was about $230. EMAIL us at if you're keen. Once they're gone, that's it. It contains:


- Four vinyl LPs, including their first three studio albums and a compilation of their first five non-LP singles
- Four compact discs of of rare, hard-to-find and unreleased demos, recordings, radio sessions and a complete live concert radio    broadcast from 1982
- one 112-page book featuring a trove of archival photos and extensive historical liner notes from founding member Robert Forster, along with additional pieces from guest essayists, fans and contemporaries.
- one silkscreen reproduction of the promotional poster for their debut single, “Lee Remick”.
- one reproduction of the very first Go-Betweens press release from their own Able Label.
- all encased in hard “clamshell” box with gold debossing.


New Constant Mongrel 7" "The Law" will be arriving with the Import box. It sounds great. Check it out here


More Lowlife Dogging is coming too! I can hear the sigh of relief from here.


Feedtime! Yep Feedtime have a new 7" on SubPop! It sounds as good as anything they ever did before. No crap. We can sell it from Friday. No stream available yet as far as I can see but believe me, it 's worth the $9.95.


This what is shipping right now, expected Friday:The Ian William Craig album on Recital sounds good if you're into more dreamy soundscapes with classical elements, Dead Can Dance etc 


Dark Blue "Pure Reality" LP Dark Blue is the new band from Sharkey of Clockcleaner and Puerto Rico Flowers. Besides Sharkey, Dark Blue includes two ex Puerto Rico Flowers band mates, Andrew Mackie-Nelson (also in Ceremony and Paint It Black) and Mike Sneeringer (strand Of oaks and ex Purling Hiss). Now back in Philadelphia, these are songs about living and working in Canberra. Two lp set and they sent the double white vinyl copies that were for shows only, limited to 100 copies cos they love Aussies. LISTEN


The Intended 7” Features members of Tyvek and Roachclip.  LISTEN


Sunday Painters - In My Dreams  Sunday Painters hailed from Wollongong, Australia, and TBD collects their first three 7" EPs, all self-released by the band in miniscule, hand-assembled editions from 1978-1981. The music that transpired from their membership (helmed at the core by Peter MacKinnon and the late Peter Raengel) bridged glam, art-rock, noise and punk into pop passages that stung and longer reminiscences of near-ambient qualities. Their music is like the unholy combo of the Homosexuals and Crass     LISTEN 


Glistening Examples Label: 


Aaron Dilloway & Jason Lescalleet 'Popeth' LP    400 copies only. Recorded at Tarker Mills in February  2014 then mixed and mastered at Glistening Labs, this 38 minute LP was carved deeply into 150 grams of virgin vinyl via Direct Metal Mastering at GZ Media in the Czech Republic.  These records are sheathed in deluxe poly-lined inner sleeves and presented in 300gsm uncoated reverse board, beautifully adorned by Australian artist and novelist Matthew Revert.  LISTEN


ROBERT BEATTY “Soundtracks for Takeshi Murata” LP and CD    LISTEN


GRISHA SHAKHNES   "leave/trace" LP    LISTEN 


JASON LESCALLEET   "This Is What I Do Volume 2"  CD    LISTEN 



540 Records: 


Forward  “Against Their Insanity” 12”  What do you say about a new FORWARD record? You say it's a fukkn bulldozer. 


Jock Club  “After Hours” LP    LISTEN


Impalers "Psychedelic Snutskallar“ 12”    Tripped out artwork and packing concept by Sam Ryser (Crazy Spirit, Dawn of Humans, Dripper World) and reworked material from short lived side project Sick Plot make this 12" EP a no brainer     


Rakta “S/T” LP     All-female band from São Paulo, Brazil, that seem to have come from out of nowhere to make most of the current post-punk/anarcho wave completely irrelevant.     


Mike Rep "Darby Creek Drifter” LP


Merchandise / Destruction Unit / Milk Music “USA ‘13" LP


Big Boys "Fun Fun Fun" 12"   


The Clean "Oddities” 2xLP   Recorded between 1980-82 'Oddities' is a thorough compendium of alternate takes, addled miscues, riffing zoners & back burner gems.     



Kye Records:


Matthew Revert 'Not You' LP (Kye 32)


Kye is proud to present the first fully authorized collection of sound work by esteemed Australian novelist Matthew Revert. 'Not You' takes Revert's diaristic/voyeuristic narrations and casts them against a loose-footing of home-recorded 4-track scrabble, iPhone overload, and migratory acoustic dreamsong. These constituent parts combine and flourish in a creative rite of passage that affirms 'Not You' as both hermetic tour-de-force, and masterpiece of primitive self-expression. Mastered by Jason Lescalleet at Glistening Labs, 'Not You' arrives in a high-gloss Matthew Revert designed sleeve, with accompanying insert, in an edition of 400 copies.    LISTEN


Food Court 'Food Court' LP (Kye 33)


Kye is proud to present the eponymous debut LP by Australia's Food Court. Centered around the core trio of James Rushford, Joe Talia and Francis Plagne - (alongside contributions from Yuko Kono, Chloë Smith, Alexander Garsden, Nat Grant, Simon Charles and Callum G'Froerer) - Food Court present two live interpretations of Solage's 'fumeux fume par fumee', driving the curious nature of the original composition into radical and extreme new open space. 'Food Court' arrives in a Karla Pringle designed full-color sleeve, with accompanying insert, in an edition of 400 copies.    LISTEN


Recital Program:


Sean McCann & Matthew Sullivan - Vanity Fair LP   LISTEN


Idea Fire Company - Rags To Riches LP   LISTEN 


Sean McCann - Music For Private Ensemble LP  LISTEN


Idea Fire Company & BRRR - The Terrible Comet Salt cassette  LISTEN


Annea Lockwood - Ground Of Being CD  LISTEN 


Ian WIlliam Craig - A Turn Of Breath LP   LISTEN


Karla Borecky - Still In Your Pocket LP    LISTEN



Little Big Chief: 



True Sons Of Thunder  - Stop and Smell Your Face LP  LISTEN 


Birds Of Maya - Celebration LP  This ain't just about shred and dread; this is about sweat and spit and busted bottles. This is about volume--meaning both quantity AND decibels. It takes a lot for many of us to sit still for side-long live tracks, so I suggest you dethrone that ass and break some valuables when the evil busts start rollin' out like smoke from Sleep's van; it's only natural. And don't fear the "TV Eye" cover, neither, cuz it surely made me forget the last 67 beef-witted versions I'd heard. Course, there's so much snarl all over this thing, I'm surprised the mic ain't slumped in the corner, nursing an ulcer, by the end.    LISTEN 


And A Random Psych Record: 

WOORDEN LP (Omega) Massively unlikely out-of-nowhere exact repro reissue of this insane underground LP, still the most amazing slice of OTT freak to come out of the Netherlands in the late 1960s: a project masterminded by four far-out poets -- Simon Vinkenoog, Bob Lens, Hans Wesseling and Nona -- Woorden's closest companion might be Walter Wegmuller and the Cosmic Courier's majestic Tarot set, with diversions into concrete tape work, solo harmonica jams, heavy psych, freak jazz, acid folk and total musical non that touch on aspects of Patrick Conrad, Allan Kaprow, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Popol Vuh and an unholy Chie Mukai/Masayoshi Urabe junk/reeds/drone ritual. Long one of the rarest and whispered about underground Euro masterpieces, Woorden sees the poets chant, flip, sing in heavy F/X reverb heavens and work oracular magic ala Starmaiden herself while the music (courtesy of heads who also played on Group 1850's legendary Agemo's Trip To Mother Earth) moves from radical free jazz through laminal voice constructs that confuse automating surrealism and screwed tape/sound works based around 'universal orgasms' and the kind of percussion/vocal freak that is somewhere upwind of Junko and Yoko Ono. The harmonica and drums jams come over like a Cromagnon Kaoru Abe w/almost Sergius Golowin levels of eye-lolling universal worship. Hard to think of an album that is so completely Nurse With Wound list than this amazing long-lost classic and this handy, though ultra limited, reissue saves you selling your car to get a hold of a copy. Profoundly out, massively damaged, classic 60s-utopian art/theatre/noise/psych from a buncha heads with an umbilical to another galaxy altogether." -- David Keenan; on purple vinyl with insert. LISTEN