Import Shipment: King Khan, Charles Mingus, Sonic Youth

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Here's ANOTHER import shipment in this week! More Melvins, Charles Mingus, some pretty interesting Record Store Day releases, PLUS the return of King Khan and BBQ Show! All available off our online store here.  I've collated all Record Store Day releases HERE and i'll be adding to it as more arrive.

LP PEINE PERDUE Disparitions  Peine Perdue was born in 2010 from the meeting of Berlin-based artist and musician STEPHANE ARGILLET and COCO GALLO. the tracks are very compulsive and lend themselves seamlessly to the dance floor as well as to the soundtrack to a dark late night rendezvous. Coco’s vocals synergistically complements the fragile and perfect synth lines and beats.  Listen

LP AYE AYE S/t  We won a few people over with this by playing it in the store. Members of Bardo Pond, Watery Love, Purling Hiss. Listen

LP BORED YOUTH Are You Alive - 1982  Are You Alive finds BORED YOUTH Youth unleashing their unique blend of UK-inspired Midwest hardcore punk across ten tracks originally engineered by then-Necros bassist and Touch and Go Records honcho COREY RUSK in 1982. The B-side sees an early incarnation of the band as a 3-piece in 1981

2X12" BRANCA, GLENN Lesson No. 1 

LP BRANCA, GLENN The Ascension

Another play in-store, sell immediately album. Features Stephen Cogle of NZ luminaries Victor Dimisich Band and Terminals. Listen

2XLP DEAD C Harsh 70s Reality  The Exile On Main St of noise! Ripper!

LP DEATH For The Whole World To See  Long lost Detroit band re-born! Listen

LP DIRTBOMBS Ultraglide In Black The best covers album of all time! From Phil Lynott to Stevie Wonder, it's great, gutsy stuff. Listen

LP DREAMSALON Soft Stab  Check this out! Especially if you like stuff like Eastlink. Recommended.  Listen

LP FUZZ S/t ITR 254 LP  Ty Segall psych fuzz blow out project.  Listen

LP GILBERT, B.C. / G. LEWIS 3r4  While frontman Colin Newman spent the band’s hiatus mining Wire’s knack for intelligent and contorted pop songs, guitarist Bruce Gilbert and bassist / vocalist Graham Lewis joined forces for a series of experimental projects (Dome, Cupol, etc.) where the primary motivating concept was “studio as instrument.” 3R4, the duo’s only LP under the B.C. Gilbert/G. Lewis moniker and the very second album to be released on 4AD, eschews melody and structure in favor of ambient-noise soundscapes, metallic textures and tense moods.

LP HOT SNAKES Automatic Midnight 
Repressed and back in stock. Punk classic feat. members of Drive Like Jehu, Rocket From The Crypt

LP HOT SNAKES Suicide Invoice  See above. Their even better 2nd album.  Listen

2X7" INFLATABLE BOY CLAMS S/t  San Francisco provocateurs Inflatable Boy Clams recorded one of the greatest all-female art punk records ever made, a wrongfully obscure five-song double 7-inch EP which has garnered a cult following ever since its initial release on Subterranean Records in 1981. While the music blends simple instrumentation and captivating, quirky lyrics, the artwork looks like an early Rough Trade single  Listen

LP JENNINGS, WAYLON Honky Tonk Heroes  Country classic! No crap, all time great album.

LP KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW Bad News Boys  Garage doo wop rocks most mighty duo return. Listen

LP KURT VILE Constant Hitmaker  Re-stocked hazy psych gem.

LP LADDER, JACK AND THE Playmates  Three years after the acclaimed Hurtsville and a move from the inner city of Sydney to the Blue Mountains, JACK LADDER returns with his new album Playmates. The album is produced by Kim Moyes of The Presets, and mixed by David Wrench (Jungle, FKA Twigs, Caribou, Seekae). THE DREAMLANDERS (KIRIN J. CALLINAN, LAURENCE PIKE, DONNY BENET) reunite to play on the record, with SHARON VAN ETTEN contributing vocals to two tracks. Playmates will be Jack Ladder’s fourth album, and the first on his own label, Self Portrait.

2XLP MELVINS Ozma / Bullhead  Re-socked mighty doom two lp set. Black Flag Sabbath. Listen

LP MINGUS, CHARLES Mingus Plays Piano   Mingus Plays Piano, released just a few months after his masterpiece The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady, is the only record to feature Mingus performing on his instrument of choice for composing. From the opening track, appropriately titled “Myself When I Am Real,” Mingus shrugs off any virtuosic pretensions of solo albums and stakes out more introspective territory. These trance-like, poetic musings reveal a tenderness rarely associated with Mingus, reminiscent of Erik Satie’s piano works and Art Tatum’s free rhythmic style.

LP MINGUS, CHARLES The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady 
Re-stocked! Really, really nice re-issue of this jazz classic.

LP MORDECAI College Rock 
A real fave of Nic of Bed Wettin Bad Boys and Max of Point Being. This rock trio lacks pretense; their power comes from the electric joy of plugging in and turning up.

MC NAVASTRAU The Navastrau Tapes

Psych garage swamp rock.  Listen

LP OH SEES, THEE Floating Coffin  The album before The Drop.

LP OM Conference Of The Birds  Members of doom legends Sleep go the more chanting, atmospheric spiritual route. Good stuff.

LP PROUD, PIP A Bird In The Engine Long lost Australian outsider folk album re-issued by Superior Viaduct.

LP ROYAL TRUX Accelerator  One of the best albums of the 90's. Kinda like prime Stones doing the indie rock circuit. Not in a bitter way, but in a get stuffed way. Awesome.

2XLP SEGALL, TY Manipulator  Latest double Lp set from man who keeps 'em coming.

LP SLEEP Volume One Only lp with fourth member who left to become a monk. More Sabbath than other albums, but still rad.

LP SMOG Knock Knock 
Yep! Classic Smog LP featuring Cold Blooded Old Times.

LP SMOG Red Apple Falls Album before Knock Knock. Dark, dark listening but awesome. My fave.

LP SONIC YOUTH Bad Moon Rising Sonic Youth’s second full-length LP Bad Moon Rising was originally released on Homestead and Blast First in 1985. The album is a fascinating examination of “the junction where hippie idealism [meets] the cold hard world,” says guitarist Lee Ranaldo, “where Woodstock [meets] Altamont—Death Valley, Charles Manson, Brian Wilson, musicians, murderers, heroes and villains.”

2XLP SONIC YOUTH Goodbye 20th Century

LP SONIC YOUTH J’accuse Ted Hughes

LP SONIC YOUTH Murray Street 
This album was written by Sonic Youth with newest member JIM O'ROURKE, who helped engineer and did the mixing under the watchful eye and baffling behavior of the original SY members. Packaged in a gatelfold sleeve with a cover photograph taken by Monique, of two children secured by webbing, at one with goddess earth, and inside photography by Milanese lensman Stefano Giovaninni. 

2XLP SONIC YOUTH S/t  Double lp re-issue of their debut.

LP SONIC YOUTH Slaapkamers Met Slagroom

LP SUISHOU NO FUNE Prayer For Chibi 
Highly recommended. Lovely piece of Japanese shoegaze and psych. Keeps floating off

LP TV COLOURS Purple Skies, Toxic River  Re-issue by US label. Good to have it back hey!

2XLP VAN ZANDT, TOWNES Live At The Old Quarter 
Fantastic double live album. Great intro to his work.

LP WAND Golem  Following up their debut full-length on Ty Segall’s God? label, Wand presents their second album, Golem, on In The Red. Recording with Chris Woodhouse at his Hanger studio in Sacramento, Wand summons the dark and heavy power of the riff

7" WATERY LOVE Debut 45

LP WATERY LOVE Decorative Feeding 
One of the best albums of last year! drunken Stooges riffs, drunken dude pointing right at you angrily.

LP WOODEN SHJIPS Dos  Krautrock comeback!

4XLP CLEAN Anthology  Whats not to like here? Flying Nun legends across four lps.