Local Arrivals This Week: Primitive Motion, Native Cats 7", Deathwish

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Loads of great local stuff has been turning up this week. All available off our online store HERE.

Primitive Motion are from Brisbane. Their album from 2013 Worlds Floating by was a real store favourite. Their new one is called Pulsating Time Fibre. Their signature echo-drenched sound ascends a new apex as the duo cut and polish two distinct sides, flipping a thread of minimal short form pop gems with extended deep space forays. Listen.

Totally Mild are a four-piece based in Melbourne, Australia. Fronted by Elizabeth Mitchell, a woman with an exciting tendency to sing in a falsetto not many can match, the band perform absolutely perfect, skewed, disjointed pop music. Zachary Schneider (Full Ugly, The Great Outdoors) follows close behind on lead guitar, his lines interlocking with Mitchell’s to form a structural frame. This is matched by Lehmann Smith (Kes Band) and Ashley Bundang’s rhythm section    Listen

Love Of Diagrams has arrived here. Since their 2003 debut, The Target is You, Antonia Sellbach (bass/vocal), Luke Horton (guitar/vocal) and Monika Fikerle (drums) have turned the Australian music scene on it’s head. Powerhouse band with slight shoegaze elements. Listen

The above releases are from Bedroom Suck Records, run by Joe from Per Purpose. Their next release is from dreamy, celestial Melbourne guys Superstar. They're also playing our show at the Opera House on May 23rd. Have a listen here to their new music. 

Tassies favourite sons are black metal dude Striborg, David Boon and Native Cats, as decided by guys in a record store in Newtown. Native Cats bring their organic, minimal  Suicide vibes onto the cassette format with a live show called Shape Memory Alloy put out by Wrong Place Records.  This should be here for Saturday. Their last album was put out by RIP Society and they played at the RIP showcase show at the Opera House last year. Singer Peter Escott also has a solo album out called The Long O. Listen

Sydney's Day Ravies delivered us their new tape and 7" single. I sold some to Italian backpackers who were after something to play in their car and they were so impressed they returned the next day for more. It fuses Dinosaur Jr, My Bloody Valentine and those inner city slackery kinda bands from the 90's and early 00's into a pretty catchy psyche, garage vibe. Have a listen to the 7" here

Deathwish was sent to us from Buttercup Records in Melbourne. They are the hard rockin' pre-cursor to oz punk legends the Chosen Few. Some originals, well picked covers mastered from the only remaining Cassettes by Mikey Young and cut on Murky Green Vinyl in an edition of 300 Hand Numbered Copies !  It comes with full colour extensive insert Liner Notes with the history of the band, Photos, Artwork and more, plus a Flyer Repro and a 2 Sided Label Newsletter

Wet Blankets are from Geelong, feature members of Ausmuteants and the sleeve for their album is a piece of cardboard so yeah, they rule. Have a listen

A few copies of magazine are in right now. Really neatly packaged and comes a bonus 7" featuring AD Skinner, Young Liberals, Angry Seas, Flour, Official Pressings and more. 

We've re-stocked like crazy last few days too. Best sellers like Dick Diver, Blank Realm, Exhaustion, Royal Headache, Total Control, Degreaser, Twerps are all in NOW! The shop is jam packed at the moment. Even if you're not a fan of Record Store Day, I think you'd be hard pressed to not find something you were after this weekend. Plus Cool Death are sending us some more Soma Coma LP's. Should be here any day. it's a rippe!


Andrew comes in here covered in paint occassionally. He was in Sydney sonic thugs Three Toed Sloth back in the day, now he's in Exiles In Clowntown. He delivered us:

A double Three Toed Sloth 7" Against The Odds.  Listen

Faux Band / Pho Band split 10"  As the band says : "Two 11 minute long tracks crecorded at separate times in different places by the same two blokes". Just come in, we'll play it for you. 

Arob / SoottyB Split 7" . You can listen to this baby here

Check out the Exiles In Clowntown album too. It's physical goodness. Have a listen 


Moontown Records in Canberra sent us a bunch of tapes and 7"s to pass on to you folks. Check out some of the releases we have in stock here. It's a great, eclectic mix:  

Hierophants  - Pneumatic Drill 7"  Listen

Contrast - Sidewalk 7"  Listen

Reuben Ingall - Microwave Ritual Tape Listen


New Zealand is pretty local ay? We've re-stocked some classics like:

Bats - Law Of Things (2 LP)

Clean - Vehicle (2 LP Re-issue)

Clean - Anthology Box Set

Bird Nest Roys - Me Want Me Get Me Need Me Have Me Love 2 LP

David Kilgour And The Heavy 8's - End Times Undone 

Robert Scott (The Clean, Bats) - The Green House 

Doug has left all remaining copies of Mountain Fold magazine here. It was a really lovingly crafted journal that introduced bands like UV Race, Royal Headache, Holy Balm to the public in a serious manner. He's now the drummer in Bed Wettin' Bad Boys so it was the a great career move for him. We've been giving them a way slowly to those that are interested, but we'll get them right out from behind the counter this Saturday so you can have a dig for any remaining issues you need to fill gaps. We weren't hiding them, they're just too good to put near the door and let people who don't really care that much grab and throw away.