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Welcome to our weekly update, a highlights package of the week in Repressed Records!
Firstly, what have we enjoyed listening to this week?
Been giving The Necks - Unfold more of a listen lately, especially at home. I especially love their album Open from 2013. I lent a guy some cardboard to send an LP somewhere once and he ended up being the a guy from the Necks. So hopefully there’ll be no bleak pieces called “Guys In Record Store” on their next album as I was in a good mood and he was appreciative. The last album from Montreal punks The Omegas “Power To Exist” still gets the blood pumping.  Blind Owl Wilson’s self titled album put out by Mississippi records compiles his Canned Heat material (including On The Road again). Great piece of pulsing psychedelic blues. Sandra Bell’s “Dreams Of Falling” is back in the rotation. A great slice of the New Zealand underground circa ‘92, originally released by Bruce Russell’s Xpressway Records, lovingly reissued by Ohio’s Straight To Video. Fan of Peter Jefferies, Alastair Galbraith and Peter Gutteridge will love this one… matter of fact they all play on it! Also would appeal to fans of Angie’s Turning and Shyness LPs or those early Nico LPs. 
Still have a couple of the Prix - Historix LP which features Alex Chilton and Chris Bell of Big Star and the Oz only Royal Trux - Platinum Tips and Ice Cream live album. 
Mogwai - Every Country’s Sun limited edition double clear vinyl will be in tomorrow (Friday). They’ve been going 22 years now. Holy crap. Young Team and Come On Die Young feels like yesterday. 
Hobbies Galore is a nifty little label run by Alex Macfarlane from The Stevens, Twerps and Tyrannamen. He sent us up a bunch of his new release tapes from:
Mikey Young -  You Feelin’ Me   Mikey from Total Control and Eddy Current Suppression Ring. He released an excellent synth based solo lp earlier this year and this is a lovely, summery work with strange Heldon meets 70’s Oz surf soundtracks bits. Highly enjoyable. 
Alex Macfarlane - Cassette 2017  Follow up to his tape from last year . This is a fantastic album with a quirky acid drenched Flying Nun sound that retains the warmth of The Stevens. I think this will be one of our end of year faves. 
Max Kohane and Alex Macfarlane - Replica Town  Max is from Agents Of Abhorrence and Internal Rot but he’s also known to dabble in electronica. They both have a penchant for metal, playing together in the excellent Faceless Burial so wasn’t sure what expect, but it’s an intimate piece of lo-fi electronic music with bits of live instrumentation thrown into the mix. 
The Blinds - Self Titled  Reminds me of a cross between UV Race and older Oz DIY punks Vacant Lot.  Agitated, punky garage that fights off being being anthemic which I like. 
Adelaide’s No Patience Records have sent us: 
Schizhophrenia Live In Tsuyama Tape 2011. Raw as hell crust punk from their tour with Isterismo and Kromosom. 
PTSD Demo Tape  Features members of TV Colours from Canberra, this sounds like Devo with more punishing guitars. Comes with remixes from Multiple Man, Horse Macgyver and California Girls. 
Talc Self Titled 7”  Holy moley, this comes out like a machine-gun. Adelaide punks taking the in the red Japanese punk sound as a platform before torching everything in their sights. 
PLUS re-stocks of The Uglies and Death Church
Both Royal Headache Lps are only $16.95 each! Get in quick if you haven’t got a copy yet 
JUST WALKED IN THE DOOR!!  Some sweet punk action! 
Sheer Mag - Need To Feel Your Love LP  Finally, it arrived! Debut lp from long time Repressed faves. 
Rixe - Collection LP  First three 7"s together on one lp from French oi! band. 
Limp Wrist - Facades   Yeah, first  LP in nine years from hardcore heroes. As their bandcamp says: "Limp Wrist brings you 11 new trax of complete punk faggotry, not for the weak at heart and never will be"
Piece War - Apathy LP some female fronted punk rock action from Auckland, NZ! 
Coming Tomorrow 8/9/2017
The National on blue vinyl, Alex Cameron on white vinyl and the new Beaches LP.
PLUS!! Lowlife - Dogging vinyl re-issue and Laurel Halo will be with us next week. 
 New bunch of t-shirts are coming in from the UK. 
13th October
Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett - Lotta Sea Lice LP  Call us on 95576237 or email if you’d like to pre-order a copy. 
We’ll be putting together a U.S import order next week. If there’s anything you would like us to order especially from labels like In The Red, 20 Buck Spin, Castleface, Alternative Tentacles, Goner, Merge, Drag City or Superior Viaduct, email us at 
One last thing, happening this Friday night at Marrickville Bowling Club...

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