Straight Jacket Nation LP In now. UK Punk Import, Penultimate Press, Altar

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Straight Jacket Nation have a new self titled album out now. Its a black embossed cover, so a pic is a bit difficult, but it's a rager. One of Australia's finest hardcore bands who always staeer away from those "death before dishonor" hardcore cliches. Feature members of Total Control, Pisschrist, UV Race. Buy here


The new 7" from the Gold Coast's mighty Sex Drive is in now too. If you loved the tape, check it out. It's great stuff. Buy here


Los Crudos “Discografia” 
Lowest Form 7"
Rixe III 7"
New Prime Time 7” 
G-GAS - Generation Gas LP
CAREER SUICIDE - Machine Response LP 
MOMMY - Songs About Children LP
RAT CAGE - Caged Like Rats 7” BLACK VINYL 
S.H.I.T. - i 7” BLACK VINYL 
EXOTICA - Musique Exotíque 01 Demo 7” 
FRAMTID - Under the Ashes LP 
ARMS RACE - New Wave of British Hardcore LP 
DISCLOSE - Tragedy LP 
DISCLOSE - Yesterday’s Fairytale, Tomorrow's Nightmare LP
Penultimate Press JUST ARRIVED

Áine O'Dwyer - Locusts and Gegenschein (both albums are coming) follow up the highly acclaimed ‘Music for Church Cleaners’ release from Irish artist Áine O’Dwyer. Whilst continuing to explore the church organ as the primary instrument, these two releases steer away from Church Cleaners in both sonic content and themes explored.

Recorded & performed in 2015 at St James’s Church, Barrow-in-Furness, England & The First Unitarian Congregational Society Church, Brooklyn Heights, New York. Locusts presents itself as a celebration of the pipe organ’s acoustical abilities of tapping into electronic pulses along with O’Dwyer’s liturgical memories which are at times, pushed into horrorthon states.   

Henning Christiansen  In 1970 the Richard Demarco Gallery in collaboration with the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf organised the exhibition, Strategy: Get Arts. This celebration of art from Düsseldorf was held at the Edinburgh College of Art during the Edinburgh International Festival. The title of the exhibition was a palindrome created by André Thomkins and featured works by Joseph Beuys, Claus Böhmler, George Brecht, Henning Christiansen, Robert Filliou, Dorothy Iannone, Mauricio Kagel, Dieter Roth amongst others.
Opus 67 STRATEGYGETARTS A Symphony, Hommage á Richard Demarco was sent to Demarco as a gift following the exhibition.  Having returned to Denmark Christiansen, along with sound technician Peter Sakse created Strategygetarts, a sound collage incorporating field recordings from urban spaces, supermarkets, a boxing game, etc.
The sole ‘musical’ element is a piano motif which repeatedly punctuates the recordings.  The first side moves forwards, the flip back. A reverse groove will set you straight.
Opus 67 STRATEGYGETARTS A Symphony, Hommage á Richard Demarco comes in a high gloss sleeve featuring two original artworks by Henning Christiansen in a limited edition of 500 copies.
ALT31: Basic House - I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have To Be Destroyed By Me LP     The second album from Basic House takes a sober turn towards the thematic intersection of occult knowledge and globalised black operations, brokering a piercing anxiety throughout from the tension between the scale of the politics being invoked and the familiarity of the covert identity tactics to music cultures, subcultures, and the like
ALT30: Tomutonttu - Keva¨tjuhla LP / DL  Finnish multimedia artist Jan Anderzén returns to Alter in characteristically singular style under his Tomutonttu guise. Electronic and acoustic instrumentation blends together confidently and more refined than before with a minimal and razor sharp approach to production. Each track becoming an integral part of the records' trippy cut & paste narrative, leaving the listener wholly unaware when one bit ends and another begins
ALT27: Nick Klein - The Lonesome Dealer 12" / DL
ALT25: M Ax Noi Mach - On The Edge LP / DL 
ALT24: The Pheromoans - I'm On Nights LP / DL
ALT702: Shallow Sanction - Without Light 7" / DL
ALT23: Lumisokea - Mnemosyne LP / DL
ALT19: Acolytes - Acolytes LP / DL
ALT701: Damien Dubrovnik - Patterns of Penetration 7" / DL 
ALT16: Bass Clef - Acid Tracts 2LP / DL
ALT14: The Bomber Jackets - The Lister LP / DL
ALT12: Basic House - Oats LP / DL
ALT06: Elg - Mil Pluton LP / DL
ALT04: Hieroglyphic Being - A Romance Of 2 Planets 12" EP / DL 
ALT02: Tomutonttu / Oneohtrix Point Never - Split 7" / DL