Multiple Man - Persuasion 12" EP, Prag 7", Dick Diver - Melbourne, Florida, Tutti Parze 7"

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Three cheers for No Patience Records in Adelaide! They've sent us the new EP from Brisbane's paranoid synth lords Multiple Man and the 7" from WA hardcore band Prag.

Multiple Man EP "Persuasion" contains four almost danceable tracks. Bit more sleek than their previous efforts, it has an early electro / Tom Ellard vibe about it with that characteristic darker edge. Listen HERE. Buy HERE.

Prag are from W.A, the angriest place in the world. This 7" mixes Japanese, Finnish, and Spanish influences like cats in a bag.
4 tracks of hardcore punk to be slotted alongside bands such like Crazy Spirit. Listen HERE. Buy HERE

Dick Diver have a new LP out called "Melbourne, Florida". The vinyl is with us NOW! We're anticipating this will be one of the best sellers of the year, so don't dawdle. From what I've heard so far, you won't be disappointed. Have a listen HERE . If you're new to them, check out earlier albums New Start Again and Calendar Days too as their is plenty more to love. Buy HERE

Al Montfort is in Dick Diver and Total Control and also in Russell Street Bombings with Zephyr Pavey who is in Total Control and Eastlink too. We recommend this album heartily. It's a bit more fragile and nothing like their other bands, but definitely worth checking out if you're after something that exists in its own universe. 70's period George Harrison gets a bit too drunk on a Tuesday arvo in suburban Melbourne. Listen HERE. Buy HERE

Soma Coma have brought in their album. It's called Dust and it's a rager that makes you go "yeah! that's more like it!" when it finishes, then "shit!" because the runout groove doesn't work properly, but that's punk. Listen HERE. Buy HERE. Can't wait to hear the new Power LP too. 

Jay from Inner City Uprising brought in their latest release from old Sydney anarcho punk band Tutti Parze that featured Billy Hughes of Toe To Toe and Downtime on guitar. Limted to 250 copies, the pack contains a 7" of 4 studio tracks from the early 90's, a live CD from 1991 a sicker and a badge in a printed cotton bag. Sweet job too. Have a listen HERE. Buy HERE.

And MORE punk stuff. We have the Lethal Overdose LP back in again. They were a Sydney punk band that featured Mark Tunalley on drums, who went on to be in early You Am I. It's great Massappeal style hardcore that was impossible to get unless you were in the inner circle. But now its been nicely  compiled for you all on coloured vinyl. Listen HERE. Buy HERE