New Arrivals: Glue, Impalers, Stevens, Kye Records

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Weekly new arrival update. All available via our online store here. Free shipping on all orders over $100 in Australia. Store pick-up available too. New album from the Murlocs is due in next week. Keep an eye out as it's in high demand. 

The Impalers - Cellar Dweller LP  We were big fans of the Impalers EP Psychedelic Snuttskallar and holy moly this Lp is one hell of a hardcore D-Beat assault. Or as their label site says, "Cellar Dweller can only be described as a party that you've been invited to but that you might not make it out of alive". 

Glue - S/T Mini LP  There's a real bratty, in the red ferocity to this mini-lp I love. Austin based outsider hardcore to get you through the 2pm slump.

Stevens - Good LP  I think this will be one of my favourite Australian albums of the year. Everything you love about guitar based power pop from Guided By Voices, Swell Maps, Big Star, Teenage Fanclub are all in the mix here, right down the middle. Not too far this way or that. Great stuff.

Joe McPhee - Seattle Symphony LP Kye is proud to present Seattle Symphony, the new LP by Poughkeepsie’s Joe McPhee. “Seattle has become my home away from home, my second city, since first being invited to join trombonist Stuart Dempster for duets in 1984. When the opportunity for a solo concert arose, I learned of the passing of Bill Dixon and Fred Anderson and decided to make the focus of the performance a celebration of the lives, and music, of these two legendary heroes, who both passed away in June of 2010, within 8 days of each other.” (Joe McPhee). Seattle Symphony arrives in a full color high gloss sleeve in an edition of 300 copies

Matthew Revert - Being Small LP Lovely collection of Matthew’s philosophies, worldviews and wisdom recorded cheaply at his home in Melbourne, Australia. Being Small arrives in a Matthew Revert designed sleeve with matching labels in an edition of 300 copies.

Enderie - I Tape  Got this on now. Excellent, strange yet catchy chopped up techno from Andrew of Cured Pink. As the label Room 40 says better than me: "Enduring successive incursions into his everyday, as various tower blocks gradually grey-out any hint of daylight from his room, McLellan’s Tape 1 documents these intensities of contemporary city living. The music itself bares these marks, calculated blasts of techno infused cut-ups are layered, reduced and reconstructed. "

Wolf Shield - Residuum Tape   Missed this one! Randy Reimann from Tralala Blip and Massappeal has made an excellent piece of dark, synth driven electronica, even using some old Massappeal rehearsal tapes for samples (though you'd have to be pretty obsessive to spot them). Give it a whirl.