New Arrivals: Gold Class, No Patience Records, Royal Trux

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Here's a weekly new arrivals update. As usual, a crazy variety from all over Australia and beyond!

Firstly, what have we been listening to??? We've been really enjoying the Royal Trux live LP of course, plus Shifters and Real Numbers 7"s from Market Square Records listed below. The new David Nance LP Negative Boogie has been a BIG favourite! His previous album More Than Enough is a ripper too and in stock. We mentioned is last week but The Cowboy LP rules, featuring members of the Homostupids and Pleasure Leftists. Funny, dark deadpan lyrics are always a winner with me and it goes for like 20 minutes.  The Stevens - Good LP is FINALLY back in stock and of course is guitar-pop perfection! Bound to be one of our favourite albums of the year. Still hooked on Foreseen - Grave Danger LP. 2nd LP from Helsinki thrash/hardcore crossover champs. Can't believe people go through life with no iron in their diet. We're still wrapping our heads around the 5 LPs we got in from Elodie all filed under E in our Experimental section. Elodieis the duo of UK drifting drone specialist Andrew Chalk and Finish born sound maker Timo Van Luijik. While a lot of the records surrounding them in the racks are somewhat noisey, difficult or obtuse their records for the most part are straight-up beautiful! Lushious, friendly ambient miniatures that'll appeal to fans of those downtown minimalist types like Terry Riley and Steve Reich, Half High, Oren Ambarchi or even say The Necks and Dirty Three. See here, here and here for examples. 

Coming soon: We also have a shipment on it's way from the UK with the new Sheer Mag, Rixe and Limp Wrist LP's plus more of the Terry - Remember LP's. Also coming soon the new albums from Queens Of The Stoneage, (including the deluxe version), Alex Cameron, The Oh Sees and Stefan Christensen.  Email us at if you want to put your name on something. 

Here's a run down of this weeks arrivals...

Gold Class - Drum LP The 2nd album from Melbourne' post-punkers is available from Friday. Get in quick as the last album went fast. 

Royal Trux - Platinum Tips And Ice Cream LP (Ltd Oz Yellow Vinyl)  Comeback live album from one of the best bands of the 90's! On limited edition Australian only piss yellow vinyl via new label Dero Arcade. 


Some punk and harder vibes in this week via No Patience Records in Adelaide, Dero Arcade in Melbourne and Televised Suicide in Perth including: 

The Uglies - Keeping up With The Uglies LP  Adelaide punks who's members have been in Vaginors, Manhunt and Cum. 

Death Church - Black Books LP Compilation of 3 flexi 7"s from Sydney death punks. For fans of Rudimentary Peni, Christian Death, they feature members of Deathcage and Darkhorse. 

58008 - Demo Cassette cracking little tape featuring members of Yarbles, Masses and Peak Twins on No Patience Records

Divide And Dissolve - Basic LP Divide And Dissolve are a heavy two-piece, consisting of T//R & S//N, utilising drums, guitar, saxophone and live effects to create music which is designed to empower Black & Indigenous people the world over and dismantle white supremacy. Great interview with them here over at The Fader, check it out.


Nerve Quakes - A New State LP Named after a Lubricated Goat song, have a sound but sound more like 80's gothy punks like Killing Joke or Siouxsie And The Banshees. 

Hexx - Self Titled Tape 

PLUS Extra punk stuff including:

Coffin Birth / Shitgrinder Split 10"

Disease - Destructive Noise Raid 7"

Cum - Success 7"

Manhunt - Permanent Pain 7"

Koszmar - Destrukcja Flexi 7"

Wound Culture Demo Tape

Odio demo tape

Odio - Ancora Demos Tape

Sistema En decadencia Tape


Couple of lovingly packaged, scratchy lo-fi power pop 7"s from Uk label Market Square. The Shifters are from Melbourne and play rickety post-punk that sits somewhere between the current wave of Australia jangle and a love of The Fall. The Real Numbers are from Minneapolis are touring mates with Royal Headache. They're on a similar mission to Television Personalities, The Riptides and other great stuff. We've also been sent a bunch of the Ausmuteants - Singles tapes from Anti-fade Records

All available via our online store here. Free shipping on all orders over $100, store pick-up available.


Oh, and one one last thing that just arrived, the new Laurel Halo LP Dust via Hyperdub records. Listening to it right now.