New Arrivals: Parsnip 7", Club Weld, Punk and Metal Arrivals.

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Welcome back to our website! Firstly, in apparel news our classic Repressed Records logo tote bags are back, you know the person-with-record-instead-of-head logo. These totes are bigger, stronger and better printed than our previous ones. Great job by Fresh Tees in Marrickville!
Alright, now to music…. A couple of late contenders for best local 7”s of 2018: Phantom Vibration is the 3rd solo release from Glen Schenau (of Per Purpose, Kitchen's Floor, Bent, Cured Pink etc) and Parsnip - Feeling Small 7” (Anti-Fade) is an excellent follow up to their debut EP (that we played in-store A LOT!). 
New Nun LP The Dome is in now via Aarght Records. Excellent piece of synthy post-punk that will cater to a lot of you thrill seekers out there. If you need more light in the darkness This Mortal Coil re-issues are in (It’ll End In Tears, Blood, Filigree And Shadow) plus the regular and deluxe editions of Dead Can Dance - Dionysus LP. The Deluxe Edition includes with purple vinyl, CD sixteen page hardback book with exclusive artwork. 
Kate Bush re-masters are in and we have:  Hounds Of Love, The Red Shoes, Lionheart, The Dreaming, Kick Inside, Never Forever, Sensual World, Box Sets Vol.1 and Vol.2 all on vinyl. That’s nearly all of them! As enigmatic and beautiful, but a little more low-key is Kath Bloom & Loren Connors - Restless Faithful Desperate LP. Haunting psychedelic-folk initially released in an edition of 200-300 circa 1984, Chapter Music has done an excellent job putting this record back into the world. To me this feels like a missing link between ye olde folk/blues traditions and more contemporary US free-folk underground. 
Chris loves the new Low album Double Negative (Sub Pop). Nic likes it too but not as much as the North Carolina hardcore band called Double Negative. Strange, mysterious, lovely mix of experimentation and dark folk. Probably the best thing I’ve heard of theirs, even Things We Lost In The Fire. Weird hey!  
David Nance has released some of our dead set favourite Underground Rock N Roll records of the last few years. His new one Peaced And Slightly Pulverised adds to his excellent catalogue! What do we mean by “Underground Rock ‘N’ Roll?” A glamour free/low budget take on say The Rolling Stones, CCR and The Velvet Underground. 
Metal? Latest Uncle Acid and The Dead Beats LP ‘Wasteland’ is here on coloured vinyl with a bunch of underground classic metal re-stocks, ya know Bathory and Mayhem and good shit like that. Locally, Demon’s Gate are mixing NWOBHM (that means New Wave Of British Heavy Metal but refers to music from the late 70s FYI), Proto-Doom and triumphant 70s rock ‘n’ roll on their lush new 12” double A side single World of the Dream / Follow the Tempest (HMH Music). Fenriz approved stuff! 
Three compilations of (almost exclusively) Australian electronic music:  
Altered States Tapes is up to release 100! To celebrate, he’s put out this compilation featuring Lucy Cliche, WRX, Trevor, 2200, Opal Beau, Cooper Bowman, Oil, Papaphilia, Tarquinius Manek And Ying-Li Hooi. PLUS they’re putting on a show to celebrate tomorrow night. Swipe across for more info on that. Nice work on the century!
Various Artists – Sweet Echoes vol.1 LP. A fine compilation from Sydneyh based OTIS Records. A nice selection of electronic acts (from both the rhythmic and textural side of things), making tracks that explore the sound palette of dub. Features Sleep D (Melb), Mali-I (UK), Midnight Tenderness (Melb), Rings Around Saturn (Melb), Cousin (Syd) and Low Flung (Syd). 
Remix The House - A Club Weld Compilation.  Sam from Holy Soul and Jerry Kahale are some the brains behind Club Weld. Club Weld is a studio for musicians on the autism spectrum and with other disabilities. 'Remix The House' is the latest release from the collective. This gem of a record is the result of a VIVID Live residency in 2017 and, alongside the amazing Club Weld musicians, includes guest artists including Dro Carey, George Nicholas (Seekae) and Rainbow Chan
Piece War - Apathy LP (La Vida)
MERE MORTAL LP harkens back to the raw sound and atmosphere of the often under-rated UK Thrash Metal scene, with many listeners noticing a distinct similarity in vocalist Liam Fox's approach to that of Benediction-era Barney Greenway, as well as Bolt Thrower's beloved Karl Willetts.
TIPEX - S/T LP Self released debut LP by Valencia’s TIPEX. Out of nowhere came this full length who sees a fully formed band on a trip across all things that made punk great. Fresh, sharp, hi energy-low fidelity tunes which stick with you for days. 
DESGRASIA JUBENIL - Máxico LP Desgrasia Jubenil from south México City have been crafting amazing songs in a dirty room since 2014 instead of going to parties and hanging out with pretty punks
WARTHOG - 4th EP 7” (Statik Shock)  a band that sounds like 50,000 San Men on strike in July, all simultaneously listening to Mellaka, Sacrilege demos, lost takes of Mackie drumming on speed, Massacre 68, and just the faintest whiff of something St. Vitus might have written on their day off,
Lost In Fog Records
Pest EP UK 82. English/scandi influenced punk from Melbourne featuring members of Havitijjat, Enzyme and Masses. They'll be touring soon playing Nag Nag Nag fest in Sydney as well as a few other NSW dates in Jan. Terremoto EP's (12")  the new wave/post punk project with members from Sheer Mag, Torso, Masses and Ubik.
Punk Releases Back In Stock:
ASID - Asis Tracks II Cassette (La Vida)
Arms Race - The Beast 7” (La Vida)
Barcelona - Pueden Ser Ellos 7” (La Vida)
Blazing Eye - Brain / Lonely Corpse 7” (La Vida)
Blazing Eye - Self Titled 7” (La Vida)
Orden Mundial - El Nuevo Sonido Balear 7” (La Vida)
Orden Mundial - Porque Las Drogas Son veneno 7” (La Vida)
Pinen EP 7” (La Vida)
Rixe III 7” (La Vida)
SHIT - i 7” (La Vida)
Slender - Walled Garden 7”  (La Vida)
Barcelona - Extremo Nihilismo En Barcelona Lp (La Vida)
Belgrado - Obraz LP  (La Vida)
Belgrado - Siglo XXI LP (La Vida)
Exit Order - Seed Of Hysteria LP (La Vida)
Hank Wood And The Hammerheads - Go Home LP (Toxic State)
Kriegshog - Self Titled 7 (La Vida)
LIMP WRIST - First LP (La Vida)
Ojo Por Ojo - Self Titled LP (La Vida)
Omega Tribe - No Love Lost LP (Sealed Records)
RATA NEGRA - Justicia Cósmica LP (La Vida)
Rata Negra - Oido Absoluto LP (La Vida)
ZODD - Operationally Ready Dead MLP (La Vida)