New Arrivals: Public Service Broadcasting, Video Ezy / WDK, Small World Experience, The Bachs

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Public Service Broadcasting - Every Valley LP LTD clear vinyl with bonus tote bag.  A journey down the mineshafts of the South Wales valleys using the history of coal mining to shine a light on the disenfranchised. A record about community and what happens to an area when its lifeblood is ripped from it and a metaphor for a much larger, global and social malaise.

Small World Experience - Soft Knocks LP Small World Experience are back with their first LP since 1998's 'Side Projects' LP through Tenth Court. 

Small World Experience - Side Projects Tape  Album number three, Side Projects was recorded mostly in 1996 and released on 12" vinyl by Chapter Music in 1998. Cassette put out by Tenth Court 

The Bachs - Out Of The Bachs LP    The Bachs one and only LP, recorded and released in 1968 in editon of 150 copies, may well be my favourite 60s guitar record! While most private press 60s garage records are revered for their Sonics-esque proto-punk rave-ups or acid-fuzz guitar freakouts, this record is special because of the truly unique, equally eerie and beautiful recording quality, and incredible songwriting! Here we have 12 original songs written by five Chicago teens full of tenderness, heartbreak and an optimistic yearning for a better world. As full of hope and life as Love on Forever Changes, but on a shoestring budget. While I’m not 100% on this people have claimed their song I’m A Little Boy to be one of the first anti-homophobic rock ‘n’ roll songs. Anthony Guerre (of Love Chants and Black Petal Records) showed me this record a few years back and for the first time since then we’ve been able to proudly display it on our shelves. An artist-sanctioned, excellent sounding re-press from Spain’s Guerssen Records. It get my (Nic) highest-est recommendation!!!
"...Quite simply the greatest 1960s private press side of all time. Much more than simply another garage punk album, ’Out Of The Bach’s is the holy grail of post–acid teenage satori"
– David Keenan (The Wire, Reverse Diorama)
David Nance & Simon Joyner - Goats Head Soup LP  Last year we were introduced to the music of Omaha native David Nance via his excellent LP More Than Enough. Downer rock ‘n’ roll for fans of Pink Reason, Ego Summit, Kitchen’s Floor, Exile era Stones, Rocket From The Tombs etc. On this effort he’s teamed up with like minded mid-westerner Simon Joyner to deconstruct The Rolling Stones’ Jamaican vacation themed 1973 LP Goats Head Soup. Arguably the first not-so-good Stones record. A wild ride! Includes a bonus cease and desist letter. 

Villa Abo - Brain Charter Disco 12" (Butter Sessions)  Since 87’ a 13 year old Jan Svensson AKA Villa Åbo has been the back bone of Swedish electronic experimentalist group Frak. Just a 309’ is a stripped back rough and ready house track in true 90’s Borft style. On ‘Mission Just Pam Pom’ we are blasted with space zaps and bizzaro chords melted together with an irresistible beat and SFX from tomorrow. The wierd-o-meter is stepped up a few notches on the B Side with the sluggish yet hypnotic burn on ‘Separated Together’. A bonus collaborative effort on ‘Pony-Flute’ by Jan and another Frak member Duo J encapsulates us with a dramatic introduction of flute like synths and dark atmospheres, taking us into the underworld

Video Ezy / WDK Split Cassette  From Paradise Daily Records we’ve got an excellent split cassette from two forward thinkin’ electronic duos: WDK and Video Ezy. WDK is Jannah Quill and Laura Hunt (also of Ghastly Spats). Together they utilise synthesizers, drum machines and what appear to be solar panels and aquatic microphones to create a strange and unique walls of pulsing electronics. Video Ezy is Del Lumanta & Nina Buchanan. Like WDK they’re armed with a trestle table of electronics but there’s a warmth to their pieces, post-Cluster/Harmonia meditative minimal synths meet The Pet Shop Boys. It’s a nice friendly ying to the WDK’s dystopian yang. Features a guest appearance from Chloe Alison Escott who you may know from The Native Cats. 

Asiq Nargile - Yurt Yeri LP (Otoroku)  Born in Tbilisi, Nargil Mehtiyeva aka Asiq Nargil has been playing saz (long-neck lute) and singing since the age of 15. Fluent in Azerbaijani, Georgian, and Russian, Nargil? represents the cosmopolitan heritage of old Tbilisi, a city once known as a meeting point for multilingual asiq bards who would travel through the region serving as conduits for news, ideas, music and culture. Nargil? is currently the only female asiq living and performing in the ethnic Azeri region of Georgia, and has been teaching the art to new generations. This is a recording of Asiq Nargil?'s first concert in the UK. The pieces performed are named after the traditional saz asiq havasi (melodies) they are based on. Lyrics are taken from destan epics, regional poetry and Nargile’s own lyrics to match the rhyming patterns of these melodies.

A big lot of records from the other side of the world has arrived and been shelved in our Experimental section. Electro-acoustic improv, domestic-concrete, post-industrial tape music for the smartphone generation, avant-garde church recitals, straight-up beautiful ambient pieces…. We’ve got it!  Firstly there’s two new releases from Penultimate Press
Arek Gulbenkoglu - Three Days Afterwards LP  Fourth solo release from Arek Gulbenkoglu. Within manifests a disorientating assignment of tones, textures, and voice. Hovering around the key words below there is an unsettling psychedelic music - ready ripe and raw for the current foreboding age: Sickness - Rooms - FM synthesis - The fickle - Objects - Rituals - Armenia - Vibrations - The inconsequential. Comes in a high gloss sleeve in an edition of 300 copies. 
Pancrace 2x LP  Music for pipe organ Stiehr-Mockers 1848, Bird Calls, Baroque Violin, Tin Whistle, Boîtes à Bourdons, Landscape Piano, Motorised Bow, Standuino Pi Synth, Microphones, Hurgy Toys, AM radio, Church Bells, Uilleann Pipes and Hulusi. Pancrace is an improvising quintet comprising French, British and Austrian performers. Pancrace is also the name of the church in Dangolsheim Alsace located next to where the instrument inventor Léo Maurel lives. Maurel makes ingeniously designed instruments inspired by the hurdy gurdy. Pancrace instigates proceedings in the confinement of an organ; a Cyclops puffing its continuous and raucous breath only to be woken by instruments who, like horseflies, mischievously start tormenting proceedings with microtones and striated polyrhythms. The journey ends four sides later with the language of the birds imposing an unadorned silence on the church.
Also in from Penultimate Press, re-stock of the Korea Undok Group and Áine O'Dwyer LPs.
All the way from Belgium we’ve got a large chunk of LA SCIE DOREE and METAPHON labels, run by Timo Van Luijik. While LSD concentrates on Timo’s solo and collaborative works Metaphon focuses on releasing archive material of mainly Belgian experimental or electronic music composers. Also a few releases from Andrew Chalk’s Faraway Press label. While we haven’t fully grasped all this stuff, the majority is immediately beautiful ambient/drone music, lots of luscious sounds where beautiful harmonic resonance meets acoustic instruments. Have a squizz.
Af Ursin - Itinera LP
ELODIE - Balayes par la Main du Hasard LP
ELODIE - 'Le Manteau d'Etoiles' LP
AF URSIN - ‘De Overkant’ LP
ELODIE - ‘Miniatures Persanes’ LP
ELODIE -‘Traces Ephémères’ LP
ELODIE - ‘Echos Pastoraux’  LP
AF URSIN - 'Aika' LP
Ilta Hämärä - Saivo LP
Lumine - All the Unnamed LP 
MICHAEL RANTA : ‘Yuen Shan’ CD version CD
JORIS DE LAET : ‘SEM etc’ Metaphon CD Box Set