New Arrivals: Twerps vinyl, Feedtime 7", Constant Mongrel 7", Dead Farmers LP, More Low Life, Melvins re-issues

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The new Twerps album Range Anxiety is in and doesn't disappoint at all. This band seems to get a bit more adventurous and better with every new release. We highly recommend it. Have a LISTEN . Available online HERE.

The early Melvins LPs have been re-issued as double LP sets! Ozma and Bullhead, Egg Nog and Lice-All. If you haven't gone back this far in their catalogue, it's definitely worth it. Creepy, Black Flag inspired sludge. LISTEN. Available online HERE.

Letha Rodman-Melchior sadly passed away a few months back. This posthumous release, following last year’s Handbook for Mortals, presents the peak of her work. Really lovely stuff. LISTEN here. Buy online HERE

Her husband Dan Melchior also has some new stuff! He's been prolific of late, moving between quirky pop and experimental soundscapes. His new album is called Souls Of Birds And Mice and is understandably more withdrawn and reflective, but is definitely up with the best work of his i've heard. LISTEN here. Available online HERE too.

RIP Society is Sydneys hardest working indie label. More Low Life "Dogging", our best selling album of 2014 has arrived! A new 7" from wired up Melbourne post-punks Constant Mongrel is in, Have a LISTEN. PLUS a LP from Sydney's Dead Farmers is out this week too!

Feedtime have new 7" called Flatiron out on Subpop, and it's as good as anything they've done before. No crap. Can't find a sound bite yet, but we don't lie about important matters like this. In stock now.