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  I'm off to Japan next week for a bit of a holiday so I thought i'd give a quick run down on what i've been enjoying the last month or so since our end of year lists, then you can come here and feel i'm still with you.  

Francis Plagne - Funeral Mutes  It would be ashame if this album went away with no one hearing about it as it's like nothing else i've heard from Australia in a long time. When I use retail terms like "For Fans of Robert Wyatt and Soft Machine", I don't mean that it has no life or personality of its own, it's a touch stone to get into something that may seem way less accessible than what it is. I already think it will be one of my favourite Australian albums of the year. Charming, fragile psych pop with jazz elements. If you like  Can't see why fans of The Necks wouldn't like this either.. Have a listen

Tyrannamen Self Titled LP  Yeah, still listening to it. Its one of those one that when people complain about "rock" and the old days you know they're not really looking very hard. Work up a sweat and sing along.  Listen 

Pagans - Shit Street  Contains two of the greatest songs ever recorded (What's This Shit Called Love and Boy, Can I Dance Good) and makes me feel I should dump the Baltimore Ravens for the charmingly shitty Cleveland Browns in gross brown and orange uniforms  as my favourite NFL team. Best compilation ever.

Second Sight Demo Tape Excellent analogue synth-goth-sad dance music from Hubert Clay who is from Adelaide's Rule Of Thirds. Reminds me of The Associates, New Order and a bit of early NY and Italo dance too. Guess that makes it post-punk? Listen 

Cum - Success 7"  Yeah! Raging Adelaide hardcore from Lethal Dose Records. Real bored, angry kids at night vibe. Be wary when googling. Listen

Music From Saharan Cellphones Volumes 1 and 2  Excellent compilations of music from Mali and Western Africa that circulated on an unofficial network of cellphones. Spaced out Tuareg Autotune, Ivorian Club Jams, Mauritanian Synth, and Malian Hip Hop electro. Collected from memory cards by and released on cassette, the vinyl comes after a years plus of tracking down the composers   Listen

Twerps - Debut EP (Expanded Edition)  I stupidly missed out on this debut 7" and CD when it came out, but this'll do nicely thanks. Listen

Alan Vega-Alex Chilton-Ben Vaughn - Cubist Blues LP  This sounds potentially terrible, but it's great stuff that works a treat. Alan Vega from Suicide, Alex Chilton of BIg Star and Ben Vaughn apparently recorded this over 2 nights in 1994 and it was universally ignored. Thank God for the interwebs hey. Listen 

A-Frames 2 LP Nice mix of abrasiveness and punchy post-punk. Kind of a more garage, earthy Gang Of Four or Wire. Have a listen for yourself. Re-issued on white vinyl. 

Been really enjoying the Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Replacements re-issues. Great to see people still keen on some ECSR action. Primary Colours is one of our best selling albums ever and it still has that edgy, frantic feel about it that made it so great initially. The latest Grimes LP Art Angels has some great stuff on it too. You should give it  a listen. Where's some Total Control vinyl, hey universe? 

Been listening to a lot of Butthole Surfers lately too. Their albums "Psychic, Powerless", Locust Abortion Technician and Hairway To Steven are  worth forgiving them for Pepper. 

Friend of Repressed Records Max Easton is leaving Australia for a while, fancying himself as an exotic French Canadian Scientist. Thankfully he'll be leaving us with a book which we're really looking forward to reading and stocking. Should be here in a few weeks. 

" TEMPERED is a collaborative journal about backwater Australian music compiled and edited by Sydney music writer Max Easton (of Mess + Noise and Crawlspace). The journal features contributions from local writers, photographers and artists who are entwined in the country‚Äôs underground music communities, and focuses on themes of power, physicality, gender, and the outsider mentality that drives this unique brand of music. TEMPERED was designed by Sydney artist Daryl Prondoso and published by new Melbourne imprint, MoodWar."

More importantly, bringing this back around to me, here's an interview he did with me about the stores 10 year anniversary. I showed him the Melbourne Storm posters in my back office and he didn't say "cheats" and forever won my esteem. The Bob Blunt book on Australian independent music is really worth owning too and it's in stock now.