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Repressed Records as part of the Newtown Festival Sydney are putting on an instore tomorrow night, featuring the stark, eerie electronics of Half High (Matthew Hopkins and LUCY CLICHE of Naked On The Vague, FOUR DOOR, Knitted Abyss) and the cassette loop & synthesizer explorations of Exotic Dog (aka me, Repressed Regional manager Nic Warnock of Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys, Ruined Fortune, Model Citizen). To demonstrate the stores growing allegiance to the more wonky and experimental side of music I thought I'd list a brief selection of some of the choice titles in stock...
Last copies of both their debut LP and limited 7"
Naked On The Vauge – Abstract Figures 7”
The final 7" from Matt and Lucy's previous group. The b-side is even better.

Matthew Hopkins – Vent LP (Penultimate Press)
Acclaimed solo album from 0.5 of Half High, a truly weird record!
Form-A-Log - For The Record LP (Bathetic) 
Trio featuring the man behind noise-techno project Container. All three members instrument is listed as 'tapes'. One of my favourites of this year. 

M.O.B. LP (R.I.P. Society)
Last copies of debut record from bleak alien synth/guitar/drum machine duo.

A Band Called Life 7" / A Band Called Horse cassette  (Alberts Basement)
Apparently one member didn't want to leave Tasmania so he performed a recent Melbourne show via conference call. I can't explain this one, strange even for Alberts Basement. Shadow Ring and Vincent Over The Sink come to mind 
Exiles From Clowntown - Rock Scissors Paper LP (Soft Abuse)
Awesome follow up to one of my favourite 7"s of 2013. Semi-free-form rough n tumble rock anchored by a thuggish rhythm section. How can spontaneous music feel so economic? For fans of early 90s Dead C, first few records by The Fall, feedtime, 3 Toed Sloth (which was one members previous band). 

Tim Coster - Ocean Liner' (Alberts Basement)
Link to review: 
The second LP Superior Viaduct have re-issued by the marvellous French prog group. Let's hope there's more to come. 

Astor - Inland LP (Kye)
LAST COPY! Excellent 2nd LP from Aussie-in-London Mark Harwood who runs the Penultimate Press label. 

Astral Social Club - Fountain Transmitter Medications LP+CD  (VHF)
Latest from UK bliss-drone-warrior Neil Campbell. The LP and CD contain different material, band for your buck. 
Robert Turman - Beyond Painting 2xLP (Fabrica)
Archival 90s material from cult figure, early member of NON and Aaron Dilloway collaborator Robert Turman,

London Sound Survey -  These Are The Good Times LP (Vitttelli)