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Nic's Picks!!

Russell St Bombing LP (Smart Guy)

Russell st Bombing is Al and Zephyr from Total Control and Eastlink. There’s inklings of both members previous recorded output, such as the moments where Lower Plenty enters into murky Xpressway/early Dead C territory, Zephyr’s clever-yet-subtle guitar deviations in Eastlink and a similar mystic vibe to Al’s fantastic SNAKE cassette, but really this album is a different kettle of fish to their most celebrated records.  The outsider folk of Skip Spence and Roy Harper collide with collaged field recordings, wonky keyboards and unhinged string plonking I’d associate with the Alberts Basement label or even The Shadow Ring. Add some one chord Velvet Underground chooglin’, a song that sounds like an egoless Spacemen 3 amplified through sea shells, parts that obviously have something to say paired with some great “aimless” sections.  Maybe my favourite LP these two have been involved in.     

Soma Coma - Dust LP (Cool Death)

Another winner from melbourne's Cool death label. It’ll be no surprise to anyone that’s seen them live or heard the demo that this record is a big event on the 2015 Hardcore Calendar. No real template for this band but if you enjoy Die Kreuzen, Straightjacket Nation, Gauze, Italian and Cleveland Hardcore this is a must. This music sounds physically, emotionally & spiritually exhausting. Excellent balance between powerful yet raw in the recording, great stuff. Hardcore lives.    

Enak - Cussion Cassette (Altered States)


Enak is Newcastle resident Kane Ewin, formerly member of Castings and Cistern Corrupt, also formerly known as Dingbats and Pisstank solo. Here we have two sides tape loop and synth manipulation that’s pretty off the wall but there’s a good amount of tact within the chaos. Although there’s no sax parts evoke strands of free jazz chopped and screwed beyond recognition, not literally but that’s the type of feeling that’s evoked here. A really warm, human, truly strange and psychedelic vibe.  Nice hand painted artwork, a great package all round.


Red Red Krovvy - II 7" (Helta Skelta)


Nepotism, (the guitarist is my brother) and hometown pride aside (all 3 members originate from Cairns) this is one of the most enjoyable punk 7”s I’ve heard in a good while. “Classic” attitude ridden punk riffs a la The Victims or even New Bomb Turks are followed by paranoid, slightly righteously wrong anti-riffs and an excellent use of the “let’s play this one chord for way longer than we should” technique to create tension and annoy. Being annoying is very punk. Australia’s best smart-dumb/more-less answer to The Homostupids.


75 Dollar Bill - Wooden Bag LP


75 Dollar Bill are a duo using electric guitar, hand percussion & homemade horns to create music that loosely fits into the "New Weird America" free folk tradition while also evoking some of the wonkier bits of post-John Coltrane East-meets-West free jazz. For fans of Ex-Cocaine (check their underrated LP for Siltbreeze 10 yeas or so back), Bill Orcutt, Sonny Sharrock and Subliminal Frequencies/Omar Souleyman. Ethereal but also gloriously groovy. Good shit!