Nic's Picks Of 2014!

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Goodbye 2014, hello future. I’m glad to say our customers have excellent taste and I can get behind the majority of stuff in the stores Best Sellers list. I decided to list some of my favourite stuff that didn’t make that top sellers list. Looking forward to another exciting year in the retail industry.


Long Players


Exiles From Clowntown - Tape Scissors Rock (Soft Abuse)

Dads play free-rock in a very economic, no bullshit manner. Think early The Fall, song-ish Dead C, feedtime. Took a few listens but when it sunk in, it really sunk in. Most surprisingly great Australian record of 2014.


Dan Melchior - Hunger  (Castle Face)  & Slow Down Tiger (Starlight Furniture Co)

Hunger shows his Dan’s ability to pen excellent psychedelic pop tunes without the kooky/cute aspects you’d associate modern attempts at the genre. Slow Down Tiger is his more exploratory sound collage work. Whether he’s working at either of these extremes or somewhere in between it’s always worth checking out. “I’ve got the PT Cruiser blues”, that lyric makes me laugh.


Cheveu - Bum (Born Bad)

Eclectic, whacky French synth-punk trio that makes a lot of peculiar musical decisions work in their favour. This song is a favourite of 2014…



Mike Rep - Darby Creek Drifter LP (540)

New recordings from mid-west underground rock pioneer. Timeless stuff!


Good Throb - Fuck Off (White Denim)

Rude record.


People Skills - Tricephalic Head ( Siltbreeze)

For me the Siltbreeze logo remains a very reputable seal of approval. This record fits well alongside SB releases such as Pink Reason, The Shadow Ring & Sic Alps.


Moniek Darge & Graham Lambkin - Indian Soundies ( Kye / Penultimate Press)

Ora Clementi ‎– Cover You Will Softer Me LP (Penultimate Press)

Vannessa Rossetto - Whole Stories LP (Kye)


Matthew Hopkins - Vent LP (Penultimate Press)

A sucker for this stuff, still unable to articulate why. If you’re curious I recommend this Kye records podcast featuring the lot mentioned above and more.


Mordecai - Neil's Generator ( Richie Records // TestosterTunes)

This is the best band.


Exhaustion - Biker (Aarght)

For fans of The Gordons, Fushitsusha, Feedtime, Zond.


Form A Log - For The Record ( Bathetic Records)

A trio of musicians (one of whom is noise-techno act Container) all credited as playing tapes. I’m not sure how they go about sequencing/composing/editing their music but it works. Refined nonsense.


Dan’l Boone LP (Drag City)

Interstellar new age dub from Neil Hagerty, Nate Young (Wolf Eyes) and co.


Astral Social Club - Fountain Transmitter Medications LP+CD  (VHF)

Hadn’t checked in on Neil Campbell since noise/drone explosion of ‘05 but glad I did. A very joyous, cosmic excursion. Great value.


Tobacconists - A Secret Place (Fabrica Records)

The Tobacconists are Scott Foust (Idea Fire Co) and Frans de Waard. While we’d file this in the experimental section there’s a sort of a post-punk sound palette. Apparently inspired by Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis' post-Wire project Dome.


7”s / Eps

Primetime 7” (La Vida Es Un Mus)

Tori Kudo - Mu Ji Ge 7” (No label)

Dry Mouth - Gone Troppo 7” (virrash)

Thing Master - Head of the Witch 7” (Tenth Court)

Sacred Product - Wastex 2x7” (Quemada)

Satanic Rockers - Death Sentence 7” (Eternal Soundcheck)

Soft Power - If You Come Around: You Know What Happens 12” (All Day Breakfast)

The Friendsters 7” (Eternal Soundcheck)

Headless Death - Ultimate Resentment 7” (Crucificados Pelo Sistema)

Roach Clip - Calmer In This Town 7” (Quemada)



Rodman Melchior / Melchior Rodman ‎– Rodman Melchior Melchior Rodman Cassette (Fabrica)

Dag - Dogwood (Tenth Court)

Half High ‎– Calling Nina Cassette (Elderdown)

Aaron Dilloway - Medicine Stunts Cassette (Lal Lal Lal / Hanson)

Safe House - Region VI Cassette (Vitrine)

Club Sound Witches (Real Bad Music)

Straightjacket Nation - Icons (Self Released)

Flat Fix - An Unkempt House (Not Not Fun)

Tim Coster - Gemini (Self Released)

V/A - Map Of The Interior (Vitrene)


Old Music I’d heard for the first time in 2014

Ulsers 7” & LP (Wallaby Beat)

Favourite Australian archival release of 2014. Read about it here:


Peter Green - End Of The Game LP

1970 solo record from pre-Steve Nicks British Blues incarnation of Fleetwood Mac. Blues purists would think a useless documentation of Peter’s descent into madness, I hear the prog-jazz fusion equivalent of Alex Chilton’s Like Flies On Sherbert.


Breakdown  - Runnin Scared LP

The Abused - Loud & Clear LP

Two fierce as hell New York Hardcore releases fleshed out and re-issued on the LP format. Dumb, thuggish fun. My pump up music for the last hour at work.


Vangelis - The Dragon LP

A record Vangelis doesn’t want to be associated with, an entirely dodgy cash in on his name. Heavy groove caveman “prog” that doesn’t go anywhere, a few overdubs and wammo.


Nord - L.S.D. LP & NG Tapes LP

Mesmerizing synth-noise from Japan 1984. Feels like some mid-point between early electronic music composition and Whitehouse.


Grateful Dead - Self Titled 1st LP, Anthem Of The Sun & American Beauty

2014 was the year of me trying to get into The Dead, and after a lot of perseverance it finally clicked. One of my most listened to groups of 2014. Maybe I should check out Gong in 2015?


Any Idea Fire Company & Neil Michael Hagerty/Howling Hex post-Royal Trux records I hadn’t heard before.

Two unrelated acts except in that I reckon they’re two of North America’s best and have a lot of great records to explore.


Alice Coltrane - A Monastic Trio LP

She is #1.


15-60-75 (The Numbers Band) - Jimmy Bell’s Still In Town 2xLP

Debut album from Mid-70s Ohio avant-Boogie Blues Big Band. A very original and peerless approach to taking rock back to basics while simultaneously flipping it on it’s head. Fits firmly in the web of Ohio’s underground (Pere Ubu, Devo etc). Re-issued with bonus material.


B.A.L.L. - Trouble Doll LP (side 1, haven’t gotten to side 2 yet)

A band I have only ever heard Angie (Ruined Fortune etc) and The Menstruation Sisters rave about. 1989, NYC noise/art rock that’s got a good dose of rock bravado while also taking the piss. Comes off as some Royal Trux/Butthole Surfers hybrid in parts. This 2ndhand record was not expensive.


Obituary - The End Complete LP

First album I’ve heard from Florida Death Metal legends. Apparently their two records before this are just as good, can’t wait to track them down.


Warren Zevon - S/T LP

While the record after this, Excitable Boy (1978) has been a favourite for ages (and one of the best bargain bin records you’ll find along with Human League - Dare & Slade - Slayed) I only came across this one recently. Look up the bangers I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead and Poor Poor Pitiful Me asap! Trivia: GG Allin covered Carmelita and David Letterman is a huge fan.