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Box of punk vinyl arrived!! Plus we got some experimental CDs from the Erstwhile label and other odds and sodds. Read on. Available online here.


DAWN OF HUMANS - Slurping On The Cosmos Spine    Insane NYC punk. LP comes housed in a two colour 350 reverse board sleeve. Including a 11"x22" lyric insert and 33"x11" poster with art by Emil Bognar Nasdor, Sam Ryser, Mateo Cartegena and Eugene Terry.    Listen

NO - Treating People Like They Don't Exist  Third album from London band. 8 songs in barely 13 minutes. Ferocious, dissonant hardcore  Listen

LIMP WRIST - First LP The cutest band in Hardcore with a slice of paint peeling hardcore punk loud and ugly enough to destroy your closet. European press of their recent one sided 12" including seven new tracks in the A side and their Want Us Dead 7" on the flip.

CRISIS - Hymns of Faith MLP Recorded by a band that was in the throes of death, this mini-LP features seven tracks of political punk (although some would describe it as post punk, an insult of the worst kind), covering the political spectrum from the Italian Red Brigades to the Kanada Kommando of Auschwitz. The LP may have lacked the bite of the earlier singles, but 'Hymns' was innovative and original, and has never been bettered. Listen

RAKTA - S/T 7" All girl Brazilian post-punk band or crust psych maybe.  Great stuff! Sound like lava erupting from a volcano  Listen

HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS - Stay Home LP "Stay Home" sees the band at their peak, they have matured enough to write a masterpiece of dual-drumming-keyboard-driven punk. Their sound is still raw and unpolished, the drummer and percussionist hit hard and the guitar plays a superb mix of surf and classic first wave NYC Punk.   Listen

HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS - S/T 7" reissue of  the 2011 7" from HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS. These three songs are insanely catchy, keyboard-drenched, punk stompers fronted by a sephardic miscreant known only by the mysterious handle of Hank Wood. This record possesses such snarky, yet dangerous attitude. Lead track 'Shoulda Listen (To Mommah)' is a dirty garage dirge that's part 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS, part CRAMPS  Listen

PRAG - S/T 7"  Perth punks PRAG unleashed 4 tracks of unhinged mutant hardcore. The nasty sounds of this EP are a hybrid of Finnish Hardcore circa 1982, Japanese low production flexis from the ADK days and Spanish heavy hitting hardcore. Listen

RIXE - S/T 7"  debut 7" EP from new Paris Oi! band RIXE. The four track EP harks back to the glory years of Bologna's finest NABAT mixed with the classic 80's French Oi! sound via RAS or L'INFANTERIE SAUVAGE and a heavy  BLITZ vibe. The sound is rough, direct and angry and driven by a distorted bass and a vocalist that chews on glass for fun.  Listen

BARCELONA - Extremo Nihilismo en Barcelona MLP  Extremo Nihilismo en Barcelona is the sound of a slow cooking bomb. The 8 tracks of anxious hardcore contained within this 45 RPM 12" are pretty much what it says on the tin. Extreme, Nihilist and utterly Barcelonian.  Listen

ANASAZI - Nasty Witch Rock LP  NY hardcore with a more downer goth vibe to it. Works a treat.  Listen

DIE  7"  6 tracks of early 80's US/UK hardcore punk worship. Blistering punk for both the angry and the jaded. Think DISCHARGE meets SSD  Listen

GOOD THROB - Fuck Off LP  In 2014, the best punk scene in the world is in London, England, and the best band out of that scene is Good Throb. KY Ellie and the gang rage through eleven of the most acerbic punk rock cuts to be conceived in modern time, brimming over with true-life vitriol and the means to carry it out.  Listen


New Graham Lambkin (formerly of the Shadow Ring) & Michael Pisaro CD on Erstwhile now in stock. Was a beautiful soundtrack to the hail storm on Saturday. Also restocked the incredible trilogy of albums he made with Jason Lescalleet. Big fan of his work here both as a “musician” (I think he considers himself a sound arranger), visual artist and label head at Kye. Another Graham Lambkin release on Penultimate Press should be here in the next week also. 

On the extremely popular social media topic of multi-disc experimental CD sets we have Kevin Drumm/Jason Lescalleet - The Abyss 2xCD on Erstwhile Records. Two US sound sculptors that have both carved out their own niche on the outskirts of the experimental/noise/sound universe.  If you’re aware of their solo recordings you’d know it makes a helluva lot of sense for them to appear together on record. We also found a “warehouse” copy of the beautiful Dennis Johnson – November 4xCD set. A long lost chapter in early minimalist music history that went on to inspire La Monte Young's The Well Tuned Piano. A nearly 5 hour long piece over 4 CDs, composed in 1959. Really beautiful and most likely unlike anything else in your music collection. Have a listen

Encounters is a collection of the lyrics and poetry of Angela Bermuda, compiled into one small volume. In the spirit of the great Marion Milner, Encounters reflects trace memories, fragments of long travels, retrospective moments and early lyrics - transposed, morphed and reconsidered. The encounters envision nature, human relationships, frailty and strength, playing out as an abstract retelling. Read it and see.The book is perfect bound, A5, limited to 100 copies - All signed and numbered by the Author.

"plays out like the re-telling of a surreal dream " - Nathan Roche
Ruin Press is an Antipodean Independent Publishing Group specialising in weirder fiction, poetry, artists books and critical writing.
Two local tape releases of note. Adelaide’s MEN WITH CHIPS are part sunglasses-at-night scuzz rock smart arses, part no-wave art-punk de(con)structers. The extended number on side B Great Ape With Rib has a great Clear Spot era Captain Beefheart boogie going on. Brisbane’s RIPPED OFF are a rude, raging hardcoregroup with ties to BLACK DIETY and SICK PEOPLE. Noisy, evil and unstablewithout falling into the "mysterious guy hardcore” trap. Feels equally asequally influenced by the apocalyptic side of UK82 and more savage side of theUS Hardcore. On the spectrum of local recent hardcore I reckon they’d fit right in the middle between your Teargas/Last Chaos and Guttergods/Oily Boys. Would appeal to fans of Heresy.
One more thing! Vacant Valley have sent us their new CD. It's a 23 track compilation called Living in A Shadow, featuring the likes of per Purpose, Drunk Elk, Cured Pink to celebrate their fifth anniversary. Nice work Peter!