Record Store Day Titles Coming

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Here are the Record Store Day Titles we know are turning up. I'll add more if others turn up. It'll be great to see you on the day and hope you keep supporting us and other independent record stores. We'll be open from 9am for the day. 

Loop - Wolf Flow (Peel Sessions) 2LP  

Pin Group - Ambivalence  7"

Pin Group - Coat  7"
Nico And The Faction - Fata Morgana 2xlp  (yep, Nico from Velvet Underground and Nico) 
Link Wray - Beans And Fatback   lp  
Flower Travellin' Band - Anywhere LP+CD  
v/a  Psychic Migrations Original Soundtrack 2xlp  
A.B original LP   - Reclaim Australia 
Cure - Acoustic Hits  2 LP
Lumineers - Long way from Home  LP
Golden Era 10"   
Sex Pistols  - God Save Sex Pistols 
T-Rex - Electric Warrior  Gold Vinyl
Motorhead  Box Triple LP
Enslaved - Roadburn Live (Double Green Vinyl)  
Mind Gamers 1st 12" EP "POWER OR POWER" 
Thumper Soundtrack - Brian Gibson (Lightning Bolt)
Midlake - Bamnan and Silvercork (Yellow Vinyl)
Black Angels - Death song (Glow In the Dark vinyl)
Dirty Three - UFKUKO
Danny Brown - Ain't It Funny 10"
Swet Shop Boys - Sufi La (white vinyl 12")
Creation Rebel - Starship Africa
Townes Van Zandt - Austin City Limits 
Hudson Mohawk - Deadsec (Watchdogs 2 Soundtrack)'
Kevin Morby - Beautiful Strangers 7"
Methyl Ethyl 7"
Tod Dockstader - Eight Electronic Pieces (Clear Vinyl)