Soma Coma LP, Russell Street Bombings LP and Heaps of 2nd Hand Vinyl!

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Cool Death have delivered the new SOMA COMA LP "Dust" to us. It's a damn sensational, raging, nasty album. Australia is punk capital of the universe. Have a listen here. You can buy here

RUSSEL STREET BOMBINGS is Al from UV Race, Total Control, Dick Diver etc and Zephyr Pavey of Eastlink and Total Control. As you'd expect, it sounds NOTHING like either have done whilst being great. Listen here. Buy here

New DICK DIVER LP "Melbourne, Florida" will be with us next week.  Have a bit of a listen here. You shall not be disappointed. 

New from Altered States Tapes:


AST045: ENAK – “CUSSION” c17

Kane Ewin is a former member of Castings / Cistern Corrupt and one half of relatively new duo Mince Poppers. He has gone under a variety of aliases over the last coupla years, Dingbats and Pisstank among them, but he has settled on Enak for his solo debut, Cussion. You could think of him as carrying on the tradition of early Severed Heads and the Terse Tapes compilations, but that would still not be doing justice to his oddball tape, synth and reel-to-reel antics. Recorded by Moocow Leechskinz in Hamilton, Newcastle and housed in artwork and with an insert designed by the Enak himself. Unique muzak from a unique guy, a rare feat to be sure.



Two zoned duos team up for a split of bucket bong-rippin’ proportions. First up is Melbourne’s Dry Mouth. After a 7” on Vir Rash and the Imm8rtal cassette on Breakdance The Dawn, their side-long track sees them continuing the long-form psychedelic noise of the latter, constructed from tape loops, oscillator, synth, vocals, drum machine and more effects than you can poke a stick at. CSW is the electronically-focused duo of Matt Earle and Nicola Morton. Following a string of releases, both on Earle’s BDTD and other fine purveyors of damaged sound, their piece here is a drippy and swirly goop of vocals and minimal electronics. Amazing artwork by Moocow Leechskinz, image of Charlie The gammy-eyed Chook courtesy of the Newcastle Herald.



Free Jack is the solo electronic guise of Liam Osbourne, also the mug behind PE project Lucid Castration and the excellent Future Archaic label. The A-side, “Tragedy”, is a bass and kick driven number showing the project at its most caustically danceable yet. The intensity of his sound only increases as the track progresses. “Comedy” strips away any rhythmic elements leaving you with something much closer to Lucid Castration in its searing feedbacked synth textures and crackling distortion.

PLUS FROM ALBERTS BASEMENT the debut from THEY SPUNKS who have been playing last few years based out of Auckland, New Zealand, made up of Bob Cardy (Axemen), Roddy Pain (Evil/Constant Pain) and Stefan Neville (Pumice) and $LOW - LOLLY GAS. Brisbane’s Henry Mills from Wardenburger goes solo as $low. Each cassette comes with a unique sticker

We also have 2000 NEW SECOND HAND VINYL ARRIVALS in the store right now. Chicago dance 12"s to Rolling Stones, Zappa, Elvis Costello to more ambient / jazz stuff on the ECM label. We can't don't have the time or energy to get these onto our online store sorry, but if you see siomething you like on our Instagram or Facebook page, drop us a line. We have the more rare stuf fon our just started Discogs store HERE. Keep an eye on it as we'll be adding to it next few days. 

We also have a wall full of 2nd hand books. Great art and photography titles in right now.