Staff Picks 2017. Nic's Picks

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Nic's Picks for 2017!!


Jlin – Black Origami (Planet Mu)


Aaron Dilloway – The Gag File (Dias)

Sex Tourists – S/T (Paradise Daily)

Red Red Krovvy – S/T (Helta Skelta)

Laurel Halo – Dust (Hyperdub)

David Nance – Negative Boogie (Ba Da Bing)

The Stevens – Good (Chapter)

Pancrace – Pancrace (Penultimate Press)

Mordecai ?– Abstract Recipe (Richie Records)

Black Mecha - I.M. Mentalizing (Profound Lore)

Hello Repressed Readers,

I’m writing this from the airport en route to Melbourne to play a Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys show so excuse the rushed feeling. The records above are ten I enjoyed a lot, in no particular order. Usually I don’t find myself on board with whatever is being acclaimed by the electronic music media moguls but dang JLIN and Laurel Halo records are something else! While a lot of footwork I heard this year tended to be reverting back to ghetto house (still good just not as weird), Jlin went her own way. Laurel Halo’s singular vision on Dust evoked post-Coltrane free jazz and skewed pop but still we file it in the electronic section. Sex Tourists wrote an album of actual friggin’ tunes, like the Pet Shop Boys or Cleaners From Venus write actual tunes. Not a synth-wave genre exercise. Red Red Krovvy wrote more punk music for the now, songs about real stuff, boring stuff, interesting stuff. Not a cartoon ghost of punks past. David Nance and Mordecai continued to make music in the “underground rock” tradition without being swept up in the mythology. I’m not even gonna bother explaining the otherworldly tones on the Pancrace 2xLP. Aaron Dilloway and Black Mecha made me feel very disoriented… in a nice way. The Stevens, on paper you might mention the precarious genres of prog-rock and jangle-pop, sounds bad right? They actually are very Good. Read on for little records and books...



Enderie - Tape 1 (Room 40) & Tape 2 (Paradise Daily)

The Stroppies – It’s A Hit! 7” (Hobbies Galore)

Carla Dal Forno – The Garden 12” (Blackest Ever Black)

DJ Tre - The Underdog EP (Hyperdub)

Roman Nails - All Hardware No Tools 12” (Beat Concern)

Fatima Al Qadiri - Shaneera 12” (Hyperdub)

Straightjacket Nation – s/t 12”(Cool Death)

Suburban Cracked Collective - These Awkward Fractions? Cassette (Altered States Tapes) & Pineal Dreams? Cassette (Chemical Imbalance)

Parsnip – Health 7” (Anti-fade)

Skyline – I Cassette (Nice Music)


And Some Books!


Shaun Prescott – The Town (Brow Books)

Felicity Castagna  – No More Boats (Giramondo)

Andy Merrifield – The Amateur: The Pleasure of Doing What You Love (Verso)

Vanessa Berry – Mirrored Sydney (Giramondo)