Stuff That Slipped Through The Cracks: Dream Salon, Tom Ellard, Degreaser, 75 Dollar Bill

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Been catching up on some listening since the crazy Christmas period and doing some renovating. Here's a few excellent albums that have slipped through to the keeper unnoticed that we feel deserve a fair hearing. 

Dreamsalon - Soft Stab  If you like Eastlink and Constant Mongrel, you'll love this Seattle band featuring members of the A-Frames. LISTEN   BUY

Tom Ellard - Eighties Cheesecake  To be honest, I listen to this LP more than I do his main project, Severed Heads. A compilation of two cassette released in 1982 that catch the transition between early experimental Severed Heads to the newer Since The Accident era. LISTEN    BUY

Degreaser - Sweaty Hands   "Warehouse find"! Members of Bird Blobs do really dark, minimal psychedelic blues. Check this track out. Sounds like Hendrix meets early Beasts Of Bourbon. LISTEN    BUY

75 Dollar Bill - Wooden Bag  Instrumental New York band doing a kind of minimal world music psych fest. Using the cheapest of instruments (cardboard or homemade wooden boxes, a janky looking Japanese guitar) they sound like good period ZZ Top in Marrakech. LISTEN    BUY

Dan Melchior - Souls Of Birds And Mice   Lovey instrumental music with a melancholy, dark undertone.  About his thousandth record in five years, but the quality is always great. LISTEN    BUY

The Contents Are - Through You  For lovers of psych nuggets, here's a great one from Iowa, 1967.  LISTEN    BUY

Letha Rodman Melchior - Shimmering Ghost   Her posthumously released LP has some lovely, haunting soundscapes  LISTEN    BUY

Aloha Units Cassette  Sounds like a more upbeat Kitchens Floor with weird instrumental explosions. Catchy as hell though.  LISTEN    BUY

Jack Name - Weird Moons  Been compared to Ariel Pink. On the Castleface label with Thee Oh Sees etc, but a bit more synth heavy. LISTEN    BUY

Dark Blue - Pure Reality LTD white vinyl. Sharkey from Clockcleaner and Puerto Rico Flowers with members of Ceremony and Paint It Black. Philadelphia based band singing songs about living in Canberra.  LISTEN    BUY

Sean McCann - Music for Private Ensemble Classic Experimental sounds like a minefield of a genre, but so does rock music I suppose. Some gets a bit twee for my ears, but I like this album. It's kind of warped and interesting. LISTEN    BUY