Vivid Sydney With Royal Headache, Blank Realm and MORE!! Record Store Day 2015, Local Releases.

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You may have heard Repressed Records is presenting our best selling band of all time, Royal Headache at the Sydney Opera House on Saturday May 23rd as part of Vivid Sydney.  We'd love for you all to join us and for some new faces to win over. And believe me, if you don't own the Royal Headache album, it's one of the best you'll hear from the last few years in Australia. They will also be playing stuff from their LONG awaited new album. The show is only $35 and tickets are on sale NOW

Royal Headache will be joined by other Repressed favourites including Brisbane's Blank Realm, Melbourne psych pummelers EXHAUSTION with free jazz veteran Kris Wanders (he was part of the European Free movement with Peter Brotzmann), dream pop duo Superstar, Al Montfort (Total Control, Dick Diver) as Snake with very special guests, and solo pianist Monica Brooks. It's a bargain and come early for Monica Brooks. It'll be worth your time. 

The Vivid Sydney Facebook event page for the show is here.


We are participating in Record Store Day 2015 on Saturday, the 18th Of April. We've ordered lots of limited edition releases, our strike rate in getting this stock is generally good so I'm sure lining up here and watching me through the window as I frantically clean whilst ignoring your pleas to open just a little early will be worth it. We're all about equal opportunity, so there are no holds sorry and no skirmishes as its independent record store day and you should be giving us a hi-five before even starting to dig. We'll publish a full list soon as we can. We've ordered the popular items without being too lame and a few metal, punk and hip-hop things for world unity.


"So what's new, old school dude at Repressed Records?"

We have some new Audio Technica AT-LP60 turntables just arrived. They are affordably priced at $200. Belt driven, pre-amped USB turntables that are ready to roll soon as you get them home. We've found the Audio-Technica turntables to be very reliable and good quality. They're not paying me to say that. In fact we had to pay before they delivered them. Above is a satisfied purchaser of one!

We have the new tapes in from Seating Plan and Video Ezy, both released on Paradise Daily, a label set up by Jaz of Destiny 3000. Seating Plan are from Sydney and do minimal, lo-fi synth wave.  Video Ezy go a bit darker with their live set that has a nice, warm D.I.Y feel to it too. Fans of the excellent  Mallevs EP earlier this year will like these releases.

Regional Curse - Self Titled LP.    Regional Curse is Stacey Wilson from Rites Wild ( they had an excellent LP a couple of years ago called Ways Of Being). This was originally a cassette released on Not Not Fun last year, but Adelaide label Format Records have pressed it onto vinyl. It's very dark, drawn out synth driven music with spare, minimal drumming. I like it a lot. Have a listen. Or you can buy it here.

Courtney Barnett fans! We have sold out of the regular ol' black vinyl version and deluxe white vinyl of her new LP "Sometimes I Sit And Think, Sometimes I Just Sit"' More of the black vinyl should be back in next week. More of the excellent  Dick Diver - Melbourne, Florida arrived as well as their debut New Start Again (#dolewave). More Total Control, Eddy Current Suppression Ring due in today (Monday 30th March) too.

Speaking of Total Control, Dan has sent us the new issue of his writings in Distort. It's a much copied, much loved zine he's been plugging away at for years and is a go to guide for any of you looking to delve deeper into underground music culture. New issue features UK post-punks Crisis. Plus we have old issues in and Life Stinks, I Like The Kinks, his great Kinks fanzine.

Mountain Fold Music Journal was put together by Doug Gibson, who's now the drummer in Bed Wettin' Bad Boys. It was first put out in 2009, and featured Australian independent bands like UV Race, Royal Headache, Twerps, Eddy Current Suppression Ring and treated them as serious musicians and artists, not like someone waiting to be signed by a major label. Doug dropped us off his remaining copies. We have them behind the counter so the hoarders of free stuff don't take them all without any appreciation, so just ask you shall receive!

Point Being delivered their debut  double B Side 7" over the weekend. It's great Sydney based angular power pop, reminds me of Guided By Voices, Pavement. They feature Liza who's in Nite Fields, Max who's a chemist, Nick from Red Eye Records and the other Nick who goes for St George and does those accusatory, pointed vocals. Nite Fields new LP "depersonalisation" will be here this week too! Check out a new track here. Less GBV, more gloomy, wintery vibe going on. Maybe like The Cure meets The Church circa Starfish. Keep 'em coming Liza.

I've been listening to the Blaxxx Lp a lot. It's Lamont Thomas from Obnox doing his bursting at the seams garage punk / soul thing trapped inside Maggot Brain by Funkadelic. A lady asked if it was a lost Hawkwind live LP too. Have a listen. It's called For No Apparent Reason.

Check out Brando's Island! It's an insane but great 7" that combines synths and xylophones yet comes across as strangely confrontational. Kind of like the Pagans doing Trout Mask Replica in 1984. Have a listen You can purchase a copy here. I think this will be on Discogs for $750 in a few years so it's like an investment. Features members of The Zingers.

Buttercup Records have sent us their new 7' from Jugular Cuts. Two piece bass guitar and drum outfit from Sydney that features one crazier tune with synth bits I like the best and another more stright up punkier track. If you like stuff like Whirlwind Heat, Lightning Bolt, Die Die Die you'll dig this. Listen here, and you can purchase here.

Wet Blankets feature members of Ausmuteants, are from Geelong and don't even have a sleeve on their album, just a sqaure of stamped cardboard which is all very promising. They then back it up with punk tunes with some real kick. Have a listen

Black Springs brought in their new 7" with a bit of  a band bio and didn't say "we're like a cross between Crowded House and The Beatles " so I'm giving them a plug here. Reminds me of the Go-Betweens, Dick Diver and I think Lloyd Cole is what the singer reminds me of a bit. Have a listen here.


The Broadcast re-issues by Warp Records should start arriving this week. I'll let you all know which ones get here first. Originals are worth a fair whack now, so this is great timing and will be very well received. For those who don't know, Broadcast were a UK futuristic / retro band with lovely ethereal 60's style vocals matched with more experimental electronic music and samples. If stuff like Stereolab, St Ettienne etc floats your boat and haven't heard these guys, I highly recommend you do. Unfortunately vocalist Trish Keenan passed away in 2011. Check them out here. Also, here is a great radio session from Paris, 2000.

Also, Worlds Floating By by Primitive Motion from Brisbane was one of our favourite albums in 2013. They have a new LP ready to land here in a week or so and we can't wait. Check out the new song here.

Our mates at Rice Is Nice Records have talked us into having an instore here in late May for Sarah Mary Chadwick to launch her new album "Nine Classic Tracks". It shouldn't annoy the neighbours too much as it's her and a guitar and i'm looking to forward to putting up the artwork in our front window!