Weekly Update: Jess Locke, Yes I'm Leaving, Rangoons, Import Shipment Coming!

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Welcome to our weekly update, a highlights package of the week in Repressed Records. 
Firstly, what have we enjoyed listening to this week? I have weak spot for a bit of death metal, and Melbourne’s Faceless Burial damn hit the spot. Bit of a metal renaissance with them and Sewercide putting out some great stuff lately that transcends the studs and denim crew. Milk Music “Mystic 100’s” is a wild psych ride. Their last album was great with a horrible title (Cruise Your Illusion), but I like this one better. Has a real oz vibe to me for some reason. Cock Sparrer - Shock Troops is a must listen when we have it in stock. A band i’d always associated with the shittier  punk fringes, this early period stuff is great, stomping, anthemic pub rock. I’ve also been digging through every spare 2nd hand cd looking for more Gillian Welch to listen to. 
Recent Arrivals:
Jess Locke - Universe Lp  (due Friday) first release on the new Smith Street Band label Pool House Records. 
Death Bells - Standing At the Edge Of The World    Sydney label Burning Rose have been pumping them out lately which is great to see. These guys do goth tinged shoe-gaze. Does anyone remember UK band House Of Love? Reminds me of them 
Yes I’m leaving - Pure Joy LP    Parra’s finest return on Blackwire Records! 
Hoolahan - Casuarina  Nice, polished indie pop from a Sydney band who’d gone missing for a while. 
Puritans - Autonomy 7”  Vancouver post-punk band put out by Sydney label Fundamental Illness. Rites Of Spring, Christian Death come to mind.
Enzyme - Piss On Authority 7”  I don’t know about pissing on anyone really, but metaphorically on a crusty d-beat single record I can get right behind it.  
Rangoons - Jackjaw Thought  Tape   Rangoons are back! Their first tape “Postcard From Rangoon Island” was  killer exotic post-punk and their 7” CBT Asylum was great too. This new tape is called “Jackjaw Thought”. I don’t know what that means, but a Jackjaw is a crow like bird if that helps you 
Pulled Out Records have sent us their latest two lp’s. 
Vavenge IV  Features Nick Dan (xNoBBQx) and Nicola Morton (Club Sound Witches), Anthony Guerra (Love Chants) and Matt Earle (Breakdance the Dawn, etc), 
Mermaids - For More Smoking Pleasure LP  The duo of Mikey Liestins (Grog Pappy) and Nic French from Newcastle. I listened to this because it had the great song title What’s Eating Graham Gilbert. 8-track tape, turntables, circuit bent toys and other loopers are used to mangle the Aussie spirit of ‘taking the piss’ to a level of the absurd. If you like Muse. 
Whole bunch of import stuff due in next week, including:
More of The Orb - Naturality LP
Nazoranai -    Beginning To Fall In Line Before Me, So Decorously...    the supergroup of Keiji Haino, Oren Ambarchi and Stephen O’Malley!
Julia Jacklin - Don’t Let The Kids Win  Sydney’s own Julia Jacklin offers her masterful debut
A compilation from Mississippi Records of modern classical composer Arvo Part! Containing his minimal works, which I like best. Not a fan of choruses and symphonies. It’s bad enough secretly liking his stuff  in Seven Hills,  I can’t go full overblown like I pretend to conduct an orchestra when no one is home then turn up to kids footy like a regular bloke.