Weekly Update: Aarght Records, Camp Cope, Punk Lps

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Fortnightly weekly update time! 
What have we been listening to this week? 
We have the last Gillian Welch album The Harrow And The Harvest in on vinyl. It’s pricey, but well worth it and nicely put together.  A great album. Julian Cope had a lot to say about Simply Saucer. I never liked Julian’s music much, but his writing on the matter is great. Nicely re-issued, long lost album from Canada in 1974 for fans of good Hawkwind, early Pink Floyd and the Velvets. Sometimes I hate Christian Death, sometimes I love them. Maybe because Rikk Agnew from The Adolescents was in the band, today, I love it, the album Only Theatre Pain to be exact. We’ve tried to order Helena Hauff records  numerous times only to get an “Out of Stock” notification. Finally we’ve acquired copies of the A-Tape 2xLP and these loose, lo-fi electronic jams have been getting a lot of in-store plays. The sound of Electro(as in pre-hip-hop, Egyptian Love type stuff), EBM, acid-techno and kraut-ish moments recorded too loudly onto tape. 
Camp Cope   Their 2nd lp is in! It’s called How To Socialise And Make Friends via Poison City Records. PLUS, we’ve re-stocked some back catalogue stuff like Smith Street Band, Batpiss, Meanies. They’ve also re-issued the excellent Gareth Liddiard 2LP set Strange Tourist. 
Spike Vincent Tape  Been enjoying this. Nice, dark but catchy Gun Club vibe. Spike plays in Angie’s band, this self titled album is a live studio recording due to some sweet cheap studio rates. From Burger and Dinosaur Records, via Marrickville (I assume). 
News - Dirty Lies 7”   Spend $500 on an original, or get a cracking re-issue of this long lost piece of bratty Aussie punk via Buttercup Records
Thigh Master / Dag Split 7” Two excellent Brisbane bands  joined forces to play a slew of dates across Europe last January and made a split 7” to celebrate. 
The Ancients - Frozen Aisle Tape via Tenth Court Records. The Ancients are from Melbourne and this is their fourth album of hazy psych pop. 
Aarght Records  deliver us 7”s from Melbourne’s slickest cats Rabid Dogs and Ubik, as well as re-stocking us with Drug Sweat and Spotting.  
Rabid Dogs are raucous female fronted punk. 
Ubik feature members of Agents Of Abhorrence, Masses and Red Red Krovvy. They have a darker, UK anarcho vibe about them, pulsing bass lines and all. 
Coming Next Week
UK punk shipment. New releases from Snob, Runt and Arms Race. Plus, from UK label Upset The Rhythm we'll be getting No Babies and Normil Hawaiians
Record Store Day will be on Saturday 21st of April. It looks like to some good stuff is coming out for the day so we’ll be giving the credit card a bit of a bash. Here’s the link to the website. If there’s something you’re after, let us know. We can’t promise anything obviously, but we’ll give it a bash!