Weekly Update: Lubricated Goat, Cold Meat, Power, Mick Turner

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Welcome to our weekly update. Lubricated Goat ‘Play The Devil’s Music”, their debut album has been re-issued and is in stock now. Originally released in 1987, it’s a wild piece of Sydney post-punk, for fans of Butthole Surfers, Cramps and Birthday Party. Yep, it’s the guys that played nude on that Andrew Denton TV show on the ABC. We also have a sparkling re-issue of the classic Germs “Lexicon Devil” 7”. 

Cold Meat “Pork Sword Fever” 7" is in now via Helta Skelta Records. Ripping piece of W.A punk. We also have the few remaining Debbie And The Downers tapes. 
Waak Waak Djungi (Efficient Space)  Re-issued little heard recordings of three Yolngu songmen from Northeast Arnhem Land - Bobby Bunnungurr, Jimmy Djamunba and Peter Milaynga (d. 2007) - working in collaboration with Victorian musician Peter Mumme. We have also re-stocked the Oz Waves and Sky Girls compilations. 
We have new zine in called Radiation, which features women in the Australian punk scene interviewing each other, compiled and edited by Trouble’s A Brewin’. Contains some intimate, funny and honest stories from members of Miss Destiny, Cold Meat, Vanilla Poppers, Skyline and Papaphilia. Great stuff. 
Yes, there is a new Power LP on it’s way. It’s called “Turned On” and we’ll have it via our friends  at Cool Death Records. More of the excellent Mystic Inane EP and Haram Lps are in now too. Box just arrived from W.A label Televised Suicide, featuring Shitgrinder - Eternal Death LP, Hexx - Sacrifice 7", Besthoven / Disease Split 7" and more Sewercide and Coffin Birth / Shitgrinder split 10". 
We have more of the excellent Itchy Bugger lp, which is a solo project of Josh from DIAT. We highly recommend giving it a listen. He’s also given us the Brain Child Tape, a nice piece of home made catchy, Scandinavian influenced punk rock and Devils X-Mas tape, 13 kbd garage tunes from Kiti ( Spits ) and Louis ( Shitty Limits )
Anthony Guerra and Patrick O’Brien have a new cd on Anthony’s Black Petal label. Recorded in 2015 live at Life Groove in Leichardt. The prodigous Chemical Imbalance label has also brought in a double cassette from  P Wits called Blonde On Blonde (the alter ego of Benedict Quilter from bands such as Psychick Witch and Yawn & also the co-founder of prolific experimental label Independent Woman Records]  
Mick Turner was great at our Vivid show, and he’s brought us in some of his excellent solo lp Don’t Tell The Driver, PLUS  Caroline No which is Carolyn Kennedy with a glorious smudge of input from Mick Turner and Ian Wadley  (Exhaustion, Bird Blobs)
Nic's Staff Pick: V/A - Outer Himmilayan Presents... LP. I reckon I've got a pretty good knowledge of UK punk/post-punk/synth music circa '79-82 but the names The Magits, Soft Drinks, and S-Haters didn't ring a bell. The name Nick Blinko did though, before he formed the essential anarcho band Rudimentary Peni he was 1/2 of the Outer Himmilayan label. A record that's definitely on the experimental edge of UK D-I-Y, to my ears it's closer to the ground covered on the first two Alternative TV LPs than goth-y post punk, and at points like a precursor to the mysterious rumblings of The Shadow Ring. Stranger than I thought it'd be, And i love it!!!