Weekly Update: Oily Boys, Princess Nokia, Parsnip, Smith Street Band, Swampland

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Welcome to our weekly update, our  highlights package of our comings and goings.  
What have we enjoyed listening to this week? The new Sex Tourist LP is definitely one of the best things you’ll hear from Sydney this year. I like how it starts like you’re gonna dance, but the bleakest, driest vocals  in Australian history start and you know you’re gonna be left at a rickety plastic table on your own, staring blankly, nursing a drink of your choice. Also from Sydney, the new Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys LP “Rot” really improves on their first lp with a still raw but more expansive sound. The new Lee Gamble LP Mnestic Pressure has really grown on me too. Bit more abstract and experimental than previous efforts. If you haven’t come across Cheater Slicks yet, get Destination lonely and On Your Knees, especially if you like stuff like Hunches, Pussy Galore etc. The Consumers “All My friends Are Dead” is a lost American punk classic and is a must have.
I’ve also enjoyed my pistachio and almond mixed bags i’ve been bringing in lately. 
Feature Items:
Princess Nokia - 1992 Deluxe LP  You look at the sleeve on this and think to yourself, how is this not going to be good? Sold out of the first lot but more here for the weekend. 
Lakes - Silver Thorns EP  Nicely packaged with hand printed covers, the latest EP from Sean Bailey. Really bleak, death-folk-punk I guess? 
Parsnip - Health 7"  Parsnip is a great name for a band. Four girls from Melbourne, and this is their debut 7". Really fun, like a cross between the Go-Go's and 80's DIY UK bands like Raincoats. 
Smith Street Band - More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me LP   Long time shop faves return. Ltd edition coloured vinyl.
Roman Nails - All hardware, No Tools EP  Excellent name for an EP. Roman Nails is Cooper Bowman, who also runs the Altered States label. He also makes excellent, minimal warped electronic music. 
Oily Boys - Promotional Cassette 2017 / Fatalitas Tape  Disinfect Records brought us in the new tape from enigmatic (as in they haven't released something in ages) Sydney punk band Oily Boys. They also brought the debut from Fatalitas, who feature former members of Death Church. 
More of the Jen Cloher lp on coloured vinyl 
Re-issued Dancehall: Rise Of Jamaican Dancehall  Soul-Jazz compilation
Angel Olsen - Phases LP  a collection of singles and outtakes. 
From Altered States Tapes, we have received: 
AST077: MOBILI OPERATIVE SPECIALI AUTONOME - TOXIC C24  a Russian duo dealing in industrial techno and , oftentimes, heavier themes.
AST078: BEAD - INVESTIGATE ATTACK CONNECTION C32  Canberra duo who supported Croatian Amor / Helm and are readying a release for LA label, Chondritic Sound.
AST079: CHINO - OLD PRACTICES C58 Krakow, Poland’s Artur Oles. Following a series of impeccable records, this is Chino’s debut on cassette
AST080: OIL - CLENCH C24  Mat Spisbah’s Oil returns with a dare I say more considered release of club-ready techno
AST081: MAGNETIZER - TIME MISTS C16  Oakland based producer who put out two otherworldly releases on AST faves Goaty Tapes and Not Not Fun 
Electric Wizard - Wizard Bloody Wizard LP due next Friday, Nov 24th
Look what just arrived! New Swampland (Issue 3) and Meat Thump 7"
All available from our store at FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100, store pick-up available too.