Weekly update: Bjork, Electric Wizard, Radio Birdman

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Welcome to the Repressed Records weekly update. Had bit of a delay with a huge shipment from the UK. We'll include that in next weeks update. 

Firstly, what have we enjoyed listening to this week? 
Princess Nokia “1992 Deluxe” is a whole lot of fun. For $7, you can’t go wrong with Roots Manuva - Brand New, Second Hand on CD. Just listening to a test pressing of Native Cats new album, and it’s a lot more direct and hard hitting. Works a treat. The Congos “Heart Of The Congos” is back in on vinyl and suits this weather just fine. Reggae classic! Still haven’t gotten over Aerosmith “Rocks” being good yet. The Gun Club “Las Vegas Story” is back in stock and kicks. 
Feature Items
Electric Wizard - Wizard Bloody Wizard  Dorset’s doom lords return with a Sabbath influenced title and sound. Atleast they’re not in denial. Only harbour cruise i’ve been on to see a band so they always have a soft spot for me. (Due Monday 4th Dec) More copies of their classic Dopethrone on double vinyl just landed. 
Bjork - Utopia (2 LP) Sounds lovely and a bit more pastoral from what i’ve heard so far. In stock now. 
Radio Birdman - 7 CD 1 DVD Box set. Re-issued in red box with black Birdman logo, limited to only 400 copies in Australia. Contains the albums, EPs and the Paddington Town Hall show as well. (Due Monday 4th Dec)
Golden Scalpel Tape - New release on Hidiotic featuring Ela Stiles and Jensen from Lower Plenty And Deaf Wish. Lovely, intimate late night folk. Let's get this baby above two views hey? 

Chemical Imbalance delivered us
Tim Paneretos - Schmorgasbaag And Other Furniture CD
Red Kangaroo Tape
Ross Manning Tape Member of Sky Needle
A whole bunch of titles are coming in for Christmas too. We’re going to be really, really well stocked. U.S Import box landed, with titles ranging from A Tribe Called Quest, Metallica, Swell Maps, Sonic’s Rendezvous Band, Stooges, Beastie Boys and loads more.  More just landed todayincluding more Dr Dre, Velvet Underground, Big Star, Bob Marley, DJ Shadow, Kendrick Lamar and too many more to mention. . 
T-shirts are well stocked up too and more arrived today. Punk, classic rock, hip-hop, lots of DIY too. 
2nd hand vinyl and cd’s are in abundance at the moment including a whole bunch of soul jazz stuff. 
Hi Repressed customers,
Nic here, I’m back from 6 weeks away! We went to Iceland, Scotland, and both Irelands but spent most of our time in Spain, where we introduced baby Juliette to her Mum’s side of the family. We had a great time but also glad to be back behind the counter, catching up on all the music I’ve missed. I was incredibly excited to play the new Jlin album Black Origami, and it didn’t disappoint, complex rhythmic workouts that are pushing the Chicago Footwork sound into a nice new territory. I can’t wait to get through the last batch of Nice Music and Altered States Tapes releases. Yesterday I enjoyed tapes from Oil, Bead, Maria Moles & Adam Halliwell, Skyline (Del Lumanta & David Akerman), Cooper Bowman and Match Fixer (Andrew Cowie also of Angel Eyes) and will get through the rest of both labels new-ish releases on Sunday. Sex Tourists new album of Paradise Daily lives up to my high expectations. If you’ve never heard them imagine if Television Personalities Dan Treacy collaborated with The Pet Shop Boys. If I was going to pick a band to positively represent the sound of Sydney circa 2015-17 it might be them. 
FINALLY the band I’m in Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys second LP Rot came out when I was away and I hadn’t actually seen the final product until yesterday! The industry heavyweights at R.I.P. Society and What’s Your Rupture Records spruiked on an uncoated paper stock for the sleeve and it was worth the cash. While this band might seem like an inside joke to casual Repressed customers, we’re bonafide! See a positive review from Marc Masters at Pitchfork and heck we even have an Allmusic entry and album review.
All is or will be available off our online store at FREE Shipping on all orders over $100, Store Pick-Up available.