Weekly update: Constant Mongrel, Alien Nosejob, Aphex Twin.

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This update we’ve got the biggest names in marginal music, albums from geezers both angry and chill, two big DIY releases from Geelong’s Anti-Fade records (more on those later) and to be honest not that much more… but it’s all quality! 
The record we’ve played the most in-store the last fortnight, is without a doubt Kev Carmody’s Pillars Of Society LP. A landmark protest album that brings into focus the oppression and pain suffered by Indigenous Australians. It’s unfortunate how relevant songs like “Black Deaths in Custody” are 30 years later. Glad to have this record back in print on vinyl for the first time in 28 years. Re-issued on red and black vinyl. 
From indie/punk powerhouse Poison City Records we’ve got Harmony - Double in Negative LP and Dark Fair - Off Into My Head LP. And from another powerhouse of Australian music (as least the side of Aus music we’d want to be associated with), Black Wire Records we’ve got Ultra Material’s Cosmic Anti Stuff LP. The 2nd album of shimmery/fuzzy/voluminous/ethereal stuff from this Brisbane group. As we’ve been smangin’ those Spacemen 3 re-issues, and sold a bunch of the Spectrum LP’s around Record Store Day, it’s only appropriate Spiritualized will come back into orbit. Their new album And Nothing Hurt is on white vinyl, the same colour as Jason’s pants during their gospel phase. They’re edging towards a Flying Burrito Brothers / Rolling Stones early 70s country numbers on this one, check it out.
A quick shout out to Sydney's very own Tyrannic, whose Ethereal Sepulchre CD is a wild ride. Four long tracks of obscure & grotesque heavy metal for fans of Celtic Frost, Mercyful Fate, early Darkthrone (including their Death Metal album) and Torture Chain. 
Constant Mongrel - Living In Excellence LP (Anti-Fade)  Out 21st Of September
While I’m sure other record stores around the world feel a tenderness for Constant Mongrel, I don’t think any record store in the world feels as much tenderness as Repressed Records! With previous releases on R.I.P. Society, Hidiotic and Siltbreeze their new LP ‘Living In Excellence’ in a joint effort from Anti-Fade (Geelong) and La Vida Un Es Mus Discos (UK).  The press release or interviews with the band might mention UK post-punk, Crisis or Blitz as sonic references for Living In Excellence. While I like all of those things I kind of see those references as limiting, or a disservice to what is so great about this band. A band that’s strengths aren’t in curating cool influences, but in an abundance of personality. While they have that sharp, pulsing edge that’s somewhere between punk and post-punk their music prokes more thoughts than it barks statements. “Do you know what a puffy jacket is?” A punk band/piss take on paper but conceptual and strange… like if Andy Kaufman was in Wire. This absurdist humour is well visually paired with the art direction of James Vinciguerra (Total Control, Trevor), and helps create this universe of their own, divorced from things that’ve become a-typical in punk.  Living In Excellence’, their most dumbfounding and excellent album they’ve made yet! Where they would have placed the longer dystopian thumpers in previous LPs they’ve added this kind of uplifting ‘Warm Jets’ era Eno aspect that fill me with hope! Hope for the future of dumb rock bands and creativity in general. 
Alien Nosejob - Various Fads & Technological Achievements LP  (Anti-Fade)
By now you may know the name Alien Nosejob, and if you don’t it’s Jake Robertson of the groups Ausmuteants, School Damage, Ausmuteants, Drug Sweat, Leather Towel and more. While it’s fair to say the first Alien Nosejob 7” EP sounded a bit like a one-man Ausmuteants (which is no dis!), the second EP branch into some new territory. But with this full length his wings are fully spread, Alien Nosejob is a fully fledged project with its own identity and sound! And a great sound/identity it is, two identities in fact. Side A feels like it’s channelling some of those great eclectic unknown songwriters and mis-recorded artefacts of late 60s early 70s folk/glam rock. Think The Axemen, Mike Rep and Danny Graham. Side 2 is Disco in Dunlop Volleys. Nice one Jake! 
Goon Sax - We're Not Talking LP (Chapter)
Lovely piece of pop from Brisbane three piece. Even better than their first lp that sold really well for us here. Full of heart-wrenchingly honest songs of love and disappointment, We're Not Talking has already reverberated around the world, getting a thrashing on BBC 6Music and earning raves everywhere from Pitchfork to Noisey to NPR
More new release stuff arriving today! 
Joey Bada$$  -  1999
Sleaford Mods -  Sleaford Mods EP
Dilly Dally - Heaven (Standard version)
Dilly Dally - Heaven (Limited Edition White Vinyl)
Throbbing Gristle - Heathen Earth (Limited Edition Blue Vinyl)
Throbbing Gristle - Journey Through A Body (Limited Edition Silver Vinyl)
Throbbing Gristle - Mission Of Dead Souls (Limited Edition White Vinyl)
Brandon Coleman  -  Resistance     Member of Kamasi Washington's band.
Creation Rebel  -  Starship Africa      On U Sound system related re-issue
Aphex Twin’s Collapse 12” EP.  We have the standard edition and one-off limited deluxe edition in foil cover.