Weekly Update: Courtney Barnett, Parquet Courts, Alex Macfarlane, Rapid Dye

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Welcome to our fortnightly weekly update. Two import shipments are on their way right now, so get ready for a huge one next week (more details below). Great stuff has arrived this week, including the new Courtney Barnett album “Tell Me How You Really Feel”  (Milk Records) that comes with few bonus patches for the early birds.  Got a few copies of Courtney’s “City Looks Pretty” 12” from Record Store Day available too. The limited edition vinyl with 15 page art book version of Parquet Courts  “Wide Awake” LP (Rough Trade) is ready to go. Tropical Fuck Storm has been delayed, but we’re expecting it any day now. If you’d like us to hold you a copy in the meantime, give us a call on 95576237. 

Mitch from Chemical Imbalance is here more regularly than me, delivering a new batch of tapes on his excellent label. Meat Thump “Barely live” is a limited edition promo tape, we also have a double cassette from The Spiders called “Bit Offset”, 6Majik9 “Abort the Bicycle” tape and Tony McKey “Variations On A Finale” tape. As usual, all come with great looking DIY packaging 
Alex Macfarlane's lovely new EP  Planetarium Nights (Hobbies Galore) arrived this week, sitting relatively close to Alex’s band The Stevens but borrows some moves from Fripp & Eno, or even the experimental flourishes of Swell Maps 2nd LP.  Highly recommended. Photogenic are a relatively new all woman band from Sydney featuring not one, not two, but three first time musicians. Some just picked up their chosen instruments a few months ago and reinforce how urgent “amateurs” can be. The split 7” from Cold Meat and Ubik (Helta Skelta/Lost In Fog)  bridges the Perth / Melbourne divide seamlessly, proving punk rock is a THE universal language. Lost In Fog have also put out the new Masses 7" "Worthy", and our delivery guy put them into my hot little hands five minutes ago. 
Sydney label Paradise Daily have been busy lately.  A tape is out by NKDX, the new project featuring Nick Kuceli of Gaud and Dan Stewart of Total Control, Straight Jacket Nation, UV Race. For fans of PAN records catalogue and comes across like Lee Gamble if he was stuck in winter in Melbourne. Sydney punks Rapid Dye are a ripper of a live band. The Nurture Or Destroy 7” is a shrieking,  volcanic bit of hostility that reminds me of Negative Approach or as customer Stephen pointed out, Melbourne’s much missed Gutter Gods. Damn angry, yeah! 
Coming Soon: 
Nice Music Series 4  
Sleep - The Sciences LP
Nocturnal Projections  - Complete Studio Recordings and Inmates In Images LP
Wire - Pink Flag, Chairs MIssing, 154 CD and book re-issues. Vinyl coming soon too. 
Bad Times - Streets Of Iron LP
Our Vivid Live show is only a few weeks away! Get your tickets here. Inside the Opera House this year, so as Phil Collins would say, no jackets required