Weekly Update: New Terry LP, Gurrumul, Ned Collette

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Firstly, coming very soon, maybe with us by the time you’re reading this is Terry - I’m Terry LP on Upset The Rhythm. Terry are Amy Hill (also of Constant Mongrel, School Of Radiant Living), Xanthe Waite (Primo), Zephyr Pavey (Eastlink, Total Control, Russell St Bombings) and Al Montfort (UV Race, Dick Diver, Total Control). We haven’t heard it yet but this promotional video has got us very excited…

We’ve been checking in with the distributor every week as to when we’ll have Gurrumul’s final album titled Djarimirri (Skinny Fish) and it’s finally with us. The 2xLP looks and sounds lovely, weaving together music from Yolngu and the more tender parts of Minimalist Composition. To be honest while we were all anticipating this album we weren’t prepared for how amazing it really is!

Another double album that weaves highly personal folk music with a unique approach to expansive arrangement is Ned Collette’s Old Chestnut (It Records). “A truly accomplished work, a gorgeous dark folk opus, fleshed out in lush but precise and sparkling instrumentation thanks to a band of extraordinary collaborators. Featuring regular Wirewalker cohorts Joe Talia (who also co-produced the album with Collette) and Ben Bourke, plus Alexander Garsden, cellist Anthea Caddy, and piano from The Necks’ Chris Abrahams.” Beautiful stuff…


Dinosaur City Records are back with the 3rd installment in their Mixtape series featuring tracks from Bored Shorts, Nasho, Cody Munro Moore, No Local, Mezko and more. Horse Macgyver’s has got a new tape on Paradise Daily, and I gotta say it’s great to have another physical document of this infamous/notorious figure of local music. While sounds sufficiently modern in my mind it links together the approach of early industrial electronics experimenters, as well as post-rave envelope pushers. Think Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, Aphex Twin, Atom ™ and of course Severed Heads.


The Lemon Twigs' Go To School (4AD) is a concept album about a chimpanzee named Shane, and features Jody Stephens of Big Star on drums (get your head around that). Little Ugly Girls debut LP (Chapter Records) has been 20 years in the making, and it’s well been worth the wait. Top notch noise-punk from Hobart whose output was limited to short run CD-R’s and cassettes… until now.

Another sack of new releases from No Patience records, how do you keep up the pace…  

Bloodletter - Protection 12” EP
“Hailing from Brisbane, the Sunshine State, perhaps the most stereotypically Australian of all the Australian states - BLOODLETTER here present their second offering following hot on the heels of a stellar 2017 demo on Lost in Fog Records. Whilst the most immediate point of reference would be ‘post-punk from across the pond’ ala CHARMELEONS, CRISIS and SIOUXIE AND THE BANSHEES, beneath it runs a more traditionally American sound in line with WIPERS, X, MISSION OF BURMA, and even HUSKER DU.  Recorded live to tape at Queensland’s incredible Mount Nebo the end result is a record that does well to capture the bands uncompromising presence - a merging of dark hooks with driving melody. Featuring members of TEARGAS, 100%, DREAMTIME, OCCULTS, ZODIAC, PLEASURE SYMBOLS and more.”

Inmates - Government Crimes 7” (Repressed of ‘95 7” EP)
Inmates - Creatures Of The Night 7”
What can be said to sell you on Inmates? Well they’re from Cleveland, the unsung city of Punk. They feature past or current members of big whig bands such as h100’s, 9 Shock Terrors, Darvocets, Integrity and Brainwashed Youth. They had their Visas cancelled for the Australian tour. And they’ve been making timeless, hardcore punk for over 20 years, sporadically putting out records whenever they fell like it. Recommended punk stupidity!!!

Geld - 7”
We’ve been flogging this Melbourne bands recent LP on Iron Lung (which is back in stock), a manic slice of dystopian Hardcore. It’s seriously great and also great to revisit their 2016 demo cassette, now on 7”. “Vinyl reissue of the ever excellent debut recording from Melbourne’s GELD. Originally released in 2016 on Space Ritual Records, this recording captures 5 tracks of spiraling psychedelic d-beat delivered with unrestrained sonic ferocity. Featuring members of KROMOSOM, GENTLEMEN, TOL, and more this recording touches on a wide range of influences ranging from the raw chaos of Italian punk, the claustrophobic madness of Japanese noise core, and the direct assault of American hardcore. Absolutely savage vocals on this recording top off a truly frantic and desperate sound.”

Last but not least, three new releases from Chemical Imbalance, the most prolific documenter of outsider sounds from the Southern Hemisphere…

V/A - Bad Taste Volume II: another collection of sounds from the NZ underground Cassette
“Volume II of the Bad Taste chemical imbalance. compilation series of New Zealand's weird, wonderful & unique underground "scene". Featuring a diverse range of outsider music, with an emphasis on DIY ethos... noise rock/post punk/off-kilter pop/drone/ambient/avant-garde/etc.etc!
21 tracks from 16 artists/bands - some previously unreleased archival material dating back over 3 decades, and other recordings from as recent as 2017/early '18!”

Unwar - 'twozeroonenine' Cassette
“Limited run of 30x green C40 tapes, 'twozeroonenine' is the latest offering from the super prolific outsider artist, Michael Donnelly [Terracid, Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood, 6majik9, Sky Needle, No Guru, Wardenburger, Noise Machines, MYMWLY/Hashram labels] - this time from his solo DIY synth based project/moniker, UNWAR ...
housed in hand painted cases & paper-mache style "deconstructed collage" inlays made by the artist - no two are the same! embossed labels on the spine, text inserts & each come with download code slips on green paper*”

Noise Machines CD-R
“Noise Machines was a one off group improv. project... experimenting with automated sound making / recorded in 2016 & features Michael Donnelly [Brothers of the Occult Sisterthood, Unwar, Terracid, MYMWLY/Hashram label,etc], Nicola Morton [CSW, Bad Intentions, Tracey, E24k, Vavenge, etc], Matthew Earle [BDTD label, xNoBBQx, Stasis Duo, the SHA, Xwave, Love Chants, etc] & Cam Badgery [Smoking Ruins, 6majik9, Luger, etc.] “~ LTD EDITION OF 25X CDRs

Next Friday, we should have the 30th anniversary edition of KEV CARMODY's classic debut album from 1988, Pillars Of Society.