Weekly Update: Power, Low Flung, Buried Country, Import Shipments Coming!

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Just a short update this week of high quality (and mostly) local independent records as we await a couple of exciting shipments and big releases just over the horizon. Kamasi Washington is one of maybe 3 under 65 year old in our Jazz section and he’s back - Heaven And Earth 4 LP box set (psst I think there’s a 5th LP hidden in there?!). Arse’s Primitive Species EP has been ugraded from cassette to nice price 12” vinyl. Check it out fans of Jesus Lizard, Killdozer and Pissed Jeans. We have three releases from Melbourne / Berlin based label A Colourful Storm that’ll satisfy your bent rhythmic needs. 12”s from Nerve and Tackle and a double double 12” from Klon Dump

Power - Turned On LP (Cool Death Records)
Melbourne “power” (wink) trio follow up LP to their debut Electric Glitter Boogie with Turned On. There’s a factory on the cover, have they turned in their denim and glitter for a more industrial techno sound? Or maybe the Factory Records sound of Joy Division? Thankfully not. Still in a similar vein with a slight motorpunk streamlining of the boogie-woogie edges. Or as their USA label put it, “In the time since their debut album, Electric Glitter Boogie, finer details have been ironed out, their craft honed to a sharp point: 2018’s Turned On is a sonic triumph. Three days in the studio has given birth to a titan—a thunderous recording that’d make Lemmy and the fellas blush.  From the get-go there’s an outrageousness in songwriting that is present on many classic R‘n’R follow up albums. Stomping boogie, raw glam, punk‘n’roll, blues bashing and primitive heavy metal exaltation. There’s not a moment of falter or doubt to be heard, it’s purely sweat and confidence here. They’ve created an album equally drenched in the classic moves of loud guitar music (think the sounds oozed by Australian acts of the ’70s and a certain band from England featuring Fast Eddie Clarke on guitar, Philthy Animal Taylor on drums and God himself on bass) while also completely stepping forward on their own hero’s journey—a journey through many moons of rock and roll. Be turned on.” Thanks Larry. 
Low Flung - Blow Waves LP  (Ken Oath Records) 
Low Flung is solo project of Danny, the main fellow behind Moontown Tapes. A label we’ve proudly to constantly have in our shelves. Bent, School Damage, California Girls, Club Sound Witches, Angela Garrick, Scraps… the list of great releases goes on. What does Danny’s label have to do with HIS music??? Well Moontown has supported and connected parts of the Australian music underground that don’t really fit in an obvious subgenre (e.i. Punk, Garage Rock, Noise, Techno)... and his music also feels “between” things. It’s electronic music, not for the club, but it’s certainly rhythmic. It feels in the spirit of Arthur Russell or Yello Magic Orchestra in that it’s challenging but still poppy. It’s kind of like a less sinister version in of the Liquid Sky soundtrack in parts. I’m sure I’ll hear lots more things the more I listen but if you’re into Mœbius* & Plank, Cluster, Holy Balm, Eno’s Ambient Series, M-Squared Records check it out. A rewarding listen! 
Note to reader: Low Flung gets two preview links to display the scope of this LP. 
Shoeb Ahmad - Quiver 2 CD and Zine (Art As Catharsis) 
Beautiful album from Canberra artist Shoeb Ahmad released in a limited edition with zine from longtime visual collaborator Adam J Bragg and bonus remix disc. “First came the hyper-vulnerable "mask-ed" then the euphoric love buzz of "romance", now Shoeb Ahmad bares all with the long-awaited release of "quiver" - her tome to the complexities of life and acceptance. Built upon the trinity of identity - gender, race and religion - Shoeb maps out a narrative that reflects on her state of mind, familial truths, social disconnection, relationships and personal politics with words that can change from delicate to fierce with the flick of a tongue. Three years in the making and helped brought to life with her various musical collaborators and the mixing help of Rhys Edwards (Gwenno), Jonathan Boulet (Exhibitionist, Party Dozen), John Lee (Beaches, Lost Animal) and Lawrence English (Ben Frost, Blank Realm), "quiver" is a work that stands outside of current musical trends to be its own timeless musical statement.”
SSRI - Demo Cassette (Disinfect / Sexy Romance)
First recordings for public consumption for Sydney’s SSRI. Negative Hardcore that colours outside the lines. Brings to mind the obvious/overused USHC comparisons of Siege, Void and early Die Kreuzen. It’s good, we want more! Featuring members of Oily Boys, The No and Robber. 
Solid Effort - Echo Chambers Of The Inner West Tape  (Self Released) 
A solid (wink) second EP from Sydney group with Wollongong origins. A unique mix of things here. The sprawling side of US indie rock , UK synth pop, and that Australian songwriting tradition that’s been re-evaluation in post-“dole wave” local music scene. Not 100% sure if we’re interpreting what the Echo Chambers Of The Inner West is but I think we agree? 
Firstly we’ll finally have more copies of the Buried Country compilation! Essentail stuff, read more about it here.  
Extremely excited for a new LP from the Footwork originator RP Boo! We’ve also got a bunch other red hot Footwork releases from the likes of Teklife, HyperDub and Planet Mu on the way.
If the CD box sets didn’t do it for you, the first 3 LPs from Wire have been re-issued on LP. 
Can’t wait to get our hands on this on Primo - Amici LP. You might recall a solid tape on Hidiotic, an excellent performance at Marrickville Bowling Club or watercooler talk that Xanthe from Terry has another band. Well the LP will be here real soon via Upset The Rhythm
Also coming next week the Tim Hecker re-issues on Kranky, The Landlords first LP (the pre-Happy Flowers hardcore group), new Counter Intuits 7”, new Hamish Kilgour LP (The Clean dude yo), a handful of new releases from Soft Abuse records, and from Dark Entries Records we’ve got archival releases from Nurse With Wound associate Colin Potter and the Arthur Brown/Klaus Schulze collab Richard Wahnfried (woah!). PLUS a bunch of metal, punk and hip-hop on their way right now.