Weekly Update: Sex Tourists LP, Domestic Documents 2, Hamjam, Bed Wettin' Bad Boys

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Welcome to the weekly update, our highlights package of what's been going down at Repressed Records.. 

What have we been listening to this week? The album by JLIN called Black Origami on Planet Mu. Minimal yet always interesting and kinda danceable. I'm probably the only person in Australia listening to the Sleeping Beauties LP, featuring members of The Hunches and Eat Skull. As for Jay-Z ,The Blueprint is his best album. "Put ya name on that paper, cos I would love to date ya, holler at you when I come off tour'. Alex Cameron "Jumping The Shark" is back in stock. Truly the strangest, darkest Australian concept album ever. The song The Comeback is something else. Low Life - Dogging is back in my listening circle. I 've loved myself a bit of Wireheads new lp this week too. 

Sex Tourist - Self Titled LP   Latest release on Paradise Daily. Sound is somewhere between Suicide, Depeche Mode with a very dry, real Australian bleakness. Good stuff. 

Domestic Documents Vol 2 (2 LP)  Scratching the surface of Australia's independent electronic massive, Butter Sessions and Noise In My Head finally compile the second volume of Domestic Documents. Featuring all exclusive tracks, Perth godfather Ewan Jansen joins new WA blood Phil Stroud and Senate, respectively making hectic percussion tracks and hell bent techno, as Newcastle transplant Roman Nails emerges with his squelching one take tape experiments. 

HamJam - A/S/L? LP  Perth duo Hamjam is a collaborative project between Hamish Rahn (Methyl Ethyl) and James Ireland (Pond). Album out on Bedroom Suck Records

Bed Wettin' Bad Boys - Rot LP  Bound to be one of the years best sellers and an ideal Christmas present for your boring co-worker, Bed Wettin' Bad Boys return with a more expansive but still gutsy sound. Should be ready ready to go for the weekend! The song Victoria is about Melbourne being the spiritual home of rugby league. 

Good Morning - Glory / Shawcross LP  Good Morning are a two piece from Melbourne, Australia. The two met in high school and have been writing songs ever since. In 2013, they went halvies in a Foxtex 4 track tape machine; Good Morning is the result of that investment

Tim And The Boys live tape is in! Looking forward to their album coming out on the new label by Max Easton, who coincidentally delivered us his new book on Country Teasers. Good times!

A new Sydney label Deep Seeded Records has brought in their very impressive first two releases from Sydney producer PTwiggs and Phile, which is Hannah Lockwood and Gareth Psaltis. Nicely packaged too.