Weekly Update: Tempered II, Green Child, Bi-Hour, Roman Nails

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Welcome to our weekly update, a highlights package of what's been happening in Repressed Records. But first...

What Have We Been Listening To? 
Milk Music - Mystic 100’s is a far wilder psych ride than i’d imagined. By far their most interesting album. The Rebel is Ben Waller from Scotland’s mighty Country Teasers, and he’s playing in Sydney this Saturday night at the Gaelic Club. His tape Bootleg Bodyline Boglad Beehive is a dry, half menacing, half funny set recorded live on WFMU in 2017. BB And The Blips been clearing out my mental cobwebs at 2pm, Roots Manuva “Awfully Deep” on CD is still a fave. Kinda wanna give him a cuddle. The new Exek album “Ahead Of Two Thoughts” has been on all week, and will be one of the best Oz albums of the year. 4 real. The latest Patrick Cowley 2xLP is the final volume in his gay porn soundtracks re-issue series, 70 minutes of pulsing, synth laden, spacious disco-for-krautrock fans that gets us through that 4pm slump.
Green Child - Self Titled LP   We’re fully stocked with copies of the self titled LP The Green Child, the result of a long distance collaboration between Mikey Young (Total Control/Eddy Current Suppression Ring) & Raven Mahon (Grass Widow). Think warm, warble-y synthesisers and rhythm boxes meets pastoral 60’s psychedelic pop melodies. Reminiscent of Stereolab, Broadcast or a more dystopian Saint Etienne. Not sure if it was mastered by Mikey Young or not. 
Tempered II  Lovingly put together book focusing on Australian independent music, highlighting issues of class, gender, space and what drives the artists that create it. Features include The Native Cats, Jenny Branagan of Nun, Del Lumanta, Lewis Godwin of No Patience Records, Christina Pap, Matthew Hopkins, Red Red Krovvy. A great snapshot of the Australian DIY scene compiled by Max Easton.  
Stefen Christensen - Shake Off The Village LP   Connecticut High School teacher and member of Estrogen Highs, a band that existed on the fringe of the USA garage rock explosion, takes a turn waaaay further towards the edge of rock ‘n’ roll on his solo record. That same edge that New Zealand folks on Xpressway records were tumbling over: Alastair Galbraith, The Dead C, Sandra Bell, The Terminals. Here we have series of what I would consider songs (that may or may not work as acoustic numbers at open mic night) fragmented by feedback squeals, tape loops, chord organs and occasional bits of percussion. Very enjoyable stuff. Limited to 350 copies. Lovingly hand assembled – linocut block printed front covers (no two are exactly alike) with paste-on/hand stamped back covers.
Bi-Hour - Regional Difference LP Bi-Hour are Sam Upton and Steven Wright (you may recall Steven’s excellent LP Repetition). The first shipment went missing somewhere, but we finally got some of this great album in stock. The first track is called “Name Drop Melbourne Locations To Sound Groovy”, and the songs live up to those high standards. They are very cynical but at least they’re angry and expressive and funny in a Mark E. Smith kinda way. Not exactly synth-pop, or synth-punk, and with so much personality it feels like the antithesis of nonchalant, big-city-cool “cold wave” or “minimal synth”. Top stuff from Tasmania! 
Roman Nails Mix-tape for Passport. Local skater owned board & apparel company Pass-Port have teamed up with Roman Nails, AKA Cooper Bowman to make this excellent 120 minute mix tape plus some rad looking t-shirts. Tracks from Total Control, Dean Blunt, Container, a new track from local darlings Orion and loads more good stuff. 
If your after some punk action, NGM Stock has arrived:
Last Chaos - No 12”  A welcome posthumous and final release from Brisbane’s LAST CHAOS. A four song, single sided 12" with screen printed b-side, recorded early 2016. "NO" is a at their absolute creative peak, pushing the boundaries of the Scandinavian sound and forming something of their own. Features members of Teargas and Insurgents. 
Ripped Off - Last Chance At Death Fast LP  One of the most pummelling young(ish) hardcore bands I’ve seen live in the last few years and the LP meets the expectations. Brisbane’s Ripped Off could draw comparison to a bunch of different stuff in the universe of heavy music, especially those that employ a disorientating, psychedelic tactics (not flower hippy psychedelic, bad dream psychedelic), exploring the line between technical prowess and almost falling apart. NGM suggests this record is for fans of Septic Death, Hellhammer, Lip Cream, L.S.D., and G.I.S.M, which we’d help to agree with, maybe add Rupture to the list. 
PLUS, more of the Robber LP has been re-stocked. 
Also, the mighty Pissfart Records have sent us the Drunk Mums 7” “Denim” and re-stocked with the excellent Grotto 7” from last  year. 
From Albert’s Basement, we have
Trendees We Are Sonic Art 12"  We Are Sonic Art is a stupid phrase but we are grateful for it’s pompous vapid powers. This music was inspired by indifference, small towns and cold winds. Fits in the agitator rock category with Electric Eels, early The Fall, Butthole Surfers and Kitchens Floor. They definitely share a sensibility with fellow New Zealanders Satanic Rockers/Sacred Product, but with more of a Stooges-thru-exploding-practice-amp than Sabbath-thru-exploding-practice-amp vibe. 
Dan Cross - Shopping Tape Late night balladeer and dirgy pop songwriter Dan Cross (Secret Valley, Lucida) is back with ‘Shopping’. It’s Dan’s first album under his own name
Mia Schoen - Golden Hour Cassette    Mia is  from New Estate, Huon, Sleepy Township, Mollases (and much more) and here we are basking in her warm light once again. Golden Hour is a bright and complex web of short pop songs, like little worlds that will reveal themselves more and more upon repeat listens, giving much delight
Moe Chee and Jen Callaway Tape   Both field recording of place and document of performance. For fans of Gabi Losoncy, Pauline Oliveros, Henning Christiansen, The Clifton Hill Music Centre and Hi God People.
Bourgeois Bigots - At Albert’s Basement Fest Tape  Tim Panaretos (The Drunken Boat, Untermorast) on keys and Jesse Clark (Howling Gruel, Wendy In The Mountains and the Caves with the Slaves, Hammering The Cramps) on drums create long swooping dunts that hang like a bright light bulb on a wire, swinging back and forth over a long hallway with a red rug on it’s floor in your memory or consciousness
Amyl And The Sniffers is back in stock! Heaps of new t-shirts have arrived and new 2nd hand vinyl and CDs going out every day. 
Coming Very Soon:
Native Cats - John Sharp Toro LP  Tassie’s finest return! 
Snake And Friends - Self Titled LP  Lovely new from Al Montfort (Dick Diver, Total Control, Straight Jacket Nation). 
Huge import shipment in next week. Lots and lots of hip-hop and re-stocks.