Weekly Updates: Orion Tape, Queens Of The Stone Age, Liars, Sick Things

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Welcome to our weekly update, a highlights package from seven days at Repressed Records. Firstly, what have we enjoyed listening to? High Speed & The Afflicted Man - Get Stoned Ezy LP. Excellent blown out “hippy-punk”space-rock from the UK 1982. Think Flipper attempting Hawkwind. Aerosmith - Rocks which has won us over to the ways of Tyler and Perry (doubtless we’ll have a 70’s time-frame for this enjoyable period next week), both Enderie cassettes, a $4 CD copy of B52’s Cosmic Thing and a $7 CD of Miles Davis - In A Silent Way. We’re back into the pair of organ drone LPs from Aine O'Dwyer LPs on Penultimate Press and Nelly - Hot Sh*t (Country Gammar) 12” and we’re back to back updates loving The Stevens - Good and The Cowboy LP. 

Coming soon: We'll have the new Beaches album via Chapter Music (it's been a while),  Mogwai "Every Country's Sun" on  ltd edition coloured vinyl, Alex Cameron "Forced Witness" on white vinyl.


Bunch of stuff in this week on the darker and heavier side of things:

Orion - Live At Lulu's Tape   Their debut LP has been one of our biggest sellers this year, and hear Cool Death Records captured them live at Melbourne record store Lulu's.

X - Citations LP Excellent collection from Australian punks X on vinyl! Sweet! All the early releases from 1977 til 1983. It includes songs from X-Spurts, the Hate City E.P. as well as X-Aspirations. Also included are a live version of I Don't Wanna Go Out and the alternative version of Mother.

Sick Things - My Life's A Mess LP  Australia's first Hardcore punk group? Maybe but who really cares about such claims. Here you've got future members of Venom P. Stinger, Fungus Brains and Dirty Three making some very vicous, in the red sounding punk!! 

Rupture - Boys, Nuns, Beer Bottles  And Cu$%s  2000 album re-issued. Not for the faint of heart


Two freshies from the Televised Suicide label in W.A. Firstly there's Perth's Warcycle - Deploy And Destroy Tape and the highly anticipated Immortalized In Suffering LP from Melbourne's Sewercide. If you're into Obituary, Carcass or Death, this is pretty nuts and up your alley. 

PLUS!! A whole bunch of new & 2ndhand Hip Hop and classic re-issues....

New vinyl from Kendrick Lamar, NWA, Gza and A.B Original PLUS, a stack of 2ndhand 12"s and LP's generally from the '92-'96 period. EMPD, Cypress Hill, Busta Rhymes, 2pac, De La Soul and more! 

Stocking stuffer re-issues from Velvet Underground, John Coltrane, Nirvana, Nick Drake and, yes, The Beatles. We submit! 

We've also marked down a bunch of 7" vinyl. Stuff like Cleveland 70's art-rock group (and Pere Ubu / Pagan associates) The Styrenes 7" box set is now only $20, Kim Salmon and Steve Lucas &'s for just $5. 


Only a slightly less provocative note, we also have these kinda biggies coming in Friday

Queens Of The Stone Age - Villains LP   We''ll have the deluxe edition AND the indie record store only edition.

Liars - Cred Woes LP  Comeback with the angry lookin' Aussie dude as the only member!

All available via our online store here, FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100, store pick-up avalable.