Record Store Day

Record Store Day this Saturday. As it’s the Easter long weekend, we’d better give you some hours..


Saturday 9am til 7pm


Monday 11-6pm

New vinyl in from everywhere this week. Newies from Off!, Black Lips, Thee Oh Sees, Lace Curtain, Johnny Cash, Sunn 0))) and Ulver, Obnox, Bikini Kill re-issues plus our RSD releases below. Some are still coming and won’t be here til next week, like the Dinosaur Jr 7″ box and the Dunedin Double compilation. But we’ve got a lotta stuff here and loads of ripper releases and a good range of music covered. We’ve got $20 off Buddy Guy at the Opera House vouchers to give away, loads of $2 2nd hand vinyl, a pile of new 2nd hand arrivals from reggae to jazz and RIP Society are giving away a release to everyone who buys more than one local artist. Check our Instagram and Facebook page for some pics and updates. Anyway, here is our list up to now for our RSD arrivals. Hope to see you here.


Pennyroyal Tea

Tame Impala

Live Versions

Creedence Clearwater Revival

The 69 Singles


Get Thy Bearings



Public Image Limited

Death Disco / Warrior (US dance mix)


Indie Cindy LP

Bombay Bicycle Club


BELTONES                                                   ON DEAF EARS (RSD LP)

BLACK ANGELS                                           CLEAR LAKE FOREST EP

BLOODLET                                                  LIVE ON WMFU-FM

FULL OF HELL SPLIT                                  (WHITE/GREE LP)

HOLLIS BROWN                                        GETS LOADED (RSD) LP

INTEGRITY/VE SPLIT                                (RED VINYL) 7″

KRIEG                                                         ISOLATION/TRANSMI 7″

MUDHONEY                                              ON TOP (RSD) LP

NOISEM/OCCUL SPLIT                             (RED VINYL) 7″

NOTWIST                                                   RUN RUN RUN (RSD) 12″

OF MONTREAL                                          JIGSAW PUZZLE RS 7

OF MONTREAL                                         SATANIC PANIC IN LP

PISSED JEANS                                            THE VERY BEST OF LP

PUJOL                                                         CIRCLES (RSD) 7″

True Widow                                               Self Titled LP

VELVET UNDERGROUND                         FOGGY NOTION (RSD 7″

XIU XIU                                                       UNCLOUDED SKY (180 g LP

BREAKDOWN                                            Running Scared

BUILT TO SPILL                                          Ultimate Alternative Wavers

FIELD                                                           Rsd 2014 – From Here We

JULIE RUIN, THE                                        Brightside / In The Picture 7”

PAGANS                                                     What’s This Shit? LP

SCHARPLING & WURSTER                       Rock, Rot & Rule

V/A                                                               Electroconvulsive Therapy

Nirvana                                                       In Utero (Albini Mix)

Adalita                                                         Self Titled LP

Bruce Springsteen                                    American Beauty EP

The The                                                        Giant 12”

Aerosmith                                                     Rocks

Aerosmith                                                  Draw The Line LP

Aerosmith                                                  Rock In A Hard Place

Aerosmith                                                  Night In The Ruts

Hermitude                                                  Alleys To Valleys

Oneohtrix  Point Never                            Commissions

Daft Punk                                                    Human After All

Daft Punk                                                    Homework

Please Note: I think the Daft Punk releases are no different to original releases and I don’t know why they are on RSD lists.





New Shipment Due Next Week

First import box for Record Store Day 2014 is on it’s way. The RSD titles are in bold. Not many exclusives in this one, but loads of interesting titles like the new Oh Sees album, Bikini Kill, more Dead Moon re-issues and Gary Wilson.


LP BELL, CHRIS I Am The Cosmos

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New stuff!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. It’s Record Store Day next week, so you will soon be bombarded with new release info. Today, we got more Zingers and School Of Radiant Living on vinyl. Snake, Teen Ax, LA County Morgue, Cooper Bowmen and loads more on tape. PLUS, we got the new Kremlings LP and a 2 LP punk compilation called What Have We Wrought, which is a benefit for Mike Atta of Middle Class who is currently fighting cancer. It features Off!, Germs, Necros, Negative Approach, Big Boys, Scream, Mudhoney and loads more.

Kremlings are from Geelong and do a nutty Redd Kross meets Black Flag/ Husker Du punk thing that’s pretty epic.

kremlings pic

Website Specials

Hey! We’ve got FREE SHIPPING on the Primitive Calculators LP “The World Is Fucked”, David Bowie “The Next Day” and Bob Dylan “Side Tracks” which was a Black Friday USA release on triple vinyl. First in, best dressed. Free shipping on all orders over $75 as well.

Punk 7″s

New batch of punk 7″ singles just arrived. Bugger this quiet Friday arvo nonsense. We have Internal Rot which features dudes from Agents Of Abhorrence and Roskopp. Rort, which features members of Extortion and is brutal stuff.

Headless Death features two members of Roskopp. Bit like Repulsion. Grindy hardcore. Ripper! Warthreat  are from W.A and are angry as hell about it. More in the Discharge vein of the things. Members of Extortion and Suffer.

punk 7s